GEO 211. 3 cr.
World Regional Geography
Introduces the more modern concepts in and of regional geography and the importance of geography as an influence on world events. The world will be studied as regions and the natural, political and economic reasons and interactions making these regions viable entities. Care is taken to study examples of western, eastern and third world regions.

GEO 212.
Geography of Michigan 3 cr.
A study of the physical environment and the economics, cultural, political and historical geography of Michigan.

GEO 398. 1-3 cr.
Directed Readings
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor, permission of dean.
Student works independently on a field problem or research program in consultation with the instructor.




GER 110. 3 cr.
Introduction to German I
An introduction to the language, including its sounds, writing system, vocabulary and structure. Students will experience the four skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading in a practical scenario, with individualized attention, reinforced by the language laboratory. Emphasis will also be focused on culture.

GER 111. 3 cr.
Introduction to German II
A continuation of 110, building upon previously-acquired language fluency, and aimed at augmenting vocabulary and structure in a practical context. Increasing attention will be devoted to individual student practice and needs. Culture will continue to be emphasized.

GER 112. 3 cr.
Introduction to German III
A third level of the language, permitting the student to utilize the target language in increasingly complex ways and in more rapid speech patterns. Continued exposure to the cultural heritage of the native speakers of the language.