Fine Arts

FA 200. 3 cr.
Introduction to the Arts
Provides the student with the language, principles, and methodologies needed to speak intelligently about the aesthetic experience. Exposure to important works in painting, music, architecture, drama, sculpture, dance, and other media leads to an understanding of the historical, sociological, cultural, and personal aspects of the arts.

FA 210. 3-3-0
Art and Architecture in Italy
Prerequisite: Participation in the Florence/ Volterra Study Program.
This course provides an opportunity to study the art and architecture of Italy from ancient to modern times while immersed in the culture. Visits to museums, archeological sites and surrounding historic cities including Florence, Pisa, Sienna and San Gimignano are an integral part of the course. The relation of art and ideas will be explored.

FA 231. 3-0-9
Advanced Art Studio
This course provides a structured opportunity for advanced development in drawing, painting and/or three dimensional studies.

FA 391. 3-0-9
Alabaster Sculpture Studio
Prerequisite: Participation in the Florence/ Volterra Study Program.
A studio course introducing students to the basic issues in the creation of sculpture. After preliminary studies in clay models, students will work with alabaster for the execution of the completed sculpture. Selected pieces will also be exhibited in the general exhibition of the semester’s work at the Palazzo dei Priori.




FRE 110. 3 cr.
Introduction to French I
An introduction to the language, including its sounds, writing system, vocabulary and structure. Students will experience the four skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading in a practical scenario, with individualized attention, reinforced by the language laboratory. Emphasis will also be focused on culture.

FRE 111. 3 cr.
Introduction to French II
A continuation of 110, building upon previously-acquired language fluency, and aimed at augmenting vocabulary and structure in a practical context. Increasing attention will be devoted to individual student practice and needs. Culture will continue to be emphasized.

FRE 112. 3 cr.
Introduction to French III
A third level of the language, permitting the student to utilize the target language in increasingly complex ways and in more rapid speech patterns. Continued exposure to the cultural heritage of the native speakers of the language.