Detroit Collaborative Design Center

Office: 107, Warren Loranger Architecture Building, McNichols Campus
Director of Design: Dan Pitera
Project Managers: Kelly Powell, Andrew Sturm
Telephone: (313) 993-1037
Fax: (313) 993-1512

The Detroit Collaborative Design Center is a center for applied research in architectural design and neighborhood development. The Center is committed to design as a means for uplifting and dignifying the human person. Located in the School of Architecture, the Design Center is a unique, multi-disciplinary, non-profit organization which is dedicated to renewing the city by revitalizing its neighborhoods. The Design Center seeks to promote collaboration among community organizations, local governments and private developers to confront the social, economic and political realities which have for years contributed to the physical deterioration of urban Detroit.

The work of the Center integrates:

• a participative approach to architectural, urban, object and graphic design;
• education that reinforces a comprehensive vision for creating sustainable urban environments;
• development of the urban built environment through applied research, analysis and advocacy.

The goal is to produce quality design solutions which respond to locally defined concerns.

The Design Center works with students, local design professionals and community-based development organizations to enhance local leadership capacity and to promote quality design. Utilizing broad-based community participation in conjunction with advanced design technologies, the Design Center produces excellent projects that respond to local concerns. The center’s work has won numerous awards for design excellence and has been published in several publications.