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Health Professions Courses

HLH 5300 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics ICredit Hours: 2

Provides the foundation for advanced principles of clinical pharmacokinetics with application to dosage determination. The pharmacokinetics of autonomic transmission, adrenergic agonists and blocking agents, cholinergic agonists, muscarinic blocking agents and cardiovascular agents are examined.
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HLH 5310 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics IICredit Hours: 2

Continues the examination of various pharmacotherapeutic agents including anti-infectives, eicosanoids, adrenal steroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, opioids, antihistamines, and diuretics. Psychotropic agents including antipsychotics, antidepressants, anxiolytics, hypnosedatives, and anticulvulsants are also addressed.

HLH 5300 (Minimum Grade of C, May not be taken concurrently)

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HLH 5320 Health Promotion and Risk ReductionCredit Hours: 3

Examines theoretical and empirical basis for health promotion and risk reduction. It will prepare the health care professional to provide population-centered, interdisciplinary, prevention-oriented health care. Healthy People 2000/2010 will be used as a framework as well as theories and research from multiple disciplines for application to practice.
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HLH 5500 Research Methods in Health CareCredit Hours: 3

This course provides students with a background in the research process relevant to practice/management as a health professional. The research literature is critically evaluated for application to professional practice and/or management, determining client/patient population needs, and evaluating outcomes. Using evidenced-based research, students will develop a scholarly paper or grant proposal of professional interest to them. There will be on-line components in classroom sections of the course. Classroom or on-line tutorials of UDM online library resources are a required component of the course.
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HLH 5620 Advanced PharmacologyCredit Hours: 2

In depth examination of the principles of pharmacokinetics, pharmacometrics and pharmacodynamics. Autonomic and neurohumoral pharmacology are included.
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HLH 5700 Health Care Delivery and Policy IssuesCredit Hours: 3

This course examines the theoretical and empirical bases for health care delivery and policy issues in the United States. Health policy decisions are examined in relation to cost, quality, access and ethics. The structure of the U.S. health care system is examined. Understanding the structure and legislative history of the health care system is integral to understanding the limits and opportunities of an increased and informed professional participation in health care policy and advocacy.
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HLH 5900 Advanced PathophysiologyCredit Hours: 3

The course focuses on the advanced pathophysiology of altered health and body function and disease processes with emphasis on clinical application to practice. Students will learn the how and why of signs, symptoms, and laboratory changes of various physiological conditions and human responses.
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HLH 7100 Health Care Policy, Economics and the Law in Clinical PracticeCredit Hours: 3

This course examines current policy, economic and legal issues in the regulation of advanced nursing practice and the U. S. healthcare system. The course integrates the conceptual methodologies underlying health care policy development and implantation as well as the economic system supporting the financing of health care services in the United States and the legislative statutes that affect the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services. The intent is provide the DNP student with the skills to analyze, synthesize, advocate and implement health care policy in organizations, communities and wider public venues. Students will be exposed to both quantitative and qualitative methodologies models of policy analysis.
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