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Tuition and Fees 2012-2013*

2012-2013 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Application Fees

Graduate - master/specialist $30
Graduate - doctoral $30
International $50

Graduate Tuition

Liberal Arts & Education, Science, Business Administration, Community Development, Software Engineering per credit hour $1,330
Health Professions, Nursing per credit hour $825

Nurse Anesthesiology

Track I per term $7,465
Track II per term $5,145

Physician Assistant

Per credit hour (1-4 credit hours) $1,355
Track I Full-time flat rate (5+ credit hours) $13,880
Track II Part-time flat rate (5+ credit hours) $9,240


Per credit hour $1,355


Per credit hour, 1-11 credit hours $1,355
12-18 credit hours (flat rate per term) $19,705

 American Language and Culture Program

Following are the 2012-2013 tuition rates (independent of discounts) for the American Language and Culture Program classes offered at UDM:
ALCP 1010 and 5101 $8,565
ALCP 2010 and 5201 $6,600
ALCP 3150 and 5315 $2,705

In addition, a one-time orientation fee of $100 is charged to new international students to fund recreational and educational activities sponsored by International Services.


Other Sites As announced
Study Abroad Varies by program.

General Fees

Other Tuition and Fees

Late Payment Fee $100
Late Registration Fee $100
Co-op Training Tuition Parallel $510
Co-op Training Tuition Alternating $910

Residency Fees
East, North, South Quads $2,830/$4,575
Holden Hall/Shiple $2,725/$4,385
West Quad Second-Fourth Floors $3,040/$4,745
*Local telephone and cable service included.

2012-13 Meal Plans
19 meals/$200 DB $2,010
9 meals/$200 DB $1,885
210 Block/$375 DB $2,010
$600 DB (co-op students) $750

All resident students, except West Quad and Holden Hall residents are required to take a board plan. Single occupancy is subject to availability. All other rates for special or guest housing are subject to negotiation with the Residence Hall director.

Miscellaneous Fees
Audit Full tuition
Returned Check Fee $20
Service Charge on Past-due Balances 1.5% per month
Courses Fees Varies per course
Duplicate Diploma or Certificate Fee $35-$50
Graduation Fee (cap & gown is not included in this fee) $95
Transcripts, per copy $5 Express postal delivery starts at $20
I.D. Card Replacement $15

Tuition Refund Policy

General Information
Students must withdraw from a class or service according to proper procedure once they have registered for that class or service. This is the only way academic and financial obligations for a registered class or service can be modified. The proper procedure is for the student to complete an official academic withdrawal in writing on the appropriate form available in the college or school in which they are enrolled or drop in TitanConnect until the Friday before the semester begins. Drops once the semester begins must be done in writing.

Withdrawal from the Residence Life and Food service plans must be completed in writing on the appropriate form available in the Office of Residence Life director. The official date of withdrawal will be the date on which the college office executes the change form.

The refund of tuition charges will be available on a credit hour basis according to the University Refund Schedule. Refunds will first be applied to any financial aid received by the student and then to the student’s indebtedness to the University.

Refund Variance Committee
Students who withdraw after the 100 percent refund period due to circumstances beyond their control may appeal to the Variance Committee for a 100 percent refund of tuition. The student must complete a Petition for Tuition Variance and submit it to the Student Accounting Office. Supporting documentation must be included with the petition. Examples of documentation include the following: a letter from the attending physician, a letter from the employer or a recommendation from the college office. The petition will take approximately 30 days to process. Please note: the student must withdraw from classes prior to submitting the petition.

University Refund Schedule

Courses that are 1-49 days (1 day to 7 week classes) 100% refund on Day 1 No refund Day 2
Courses that are 50 days or more (Classes more than 7 weeks) 100% refund through Day 7 50% refund Day 8 to Day 14 No refund beginning Day 15

Residence Halls Refund Policy
A student may cancel a residence hall agreement if he or she so notifies the Office of Residence Life in writing at least 30 days prior to the first day of classes of each term. The student who cancels after the first day of class or after picking up the keys to his/her room and floor will be charged for the entire semester. After the first day of classes of any term until the end of the term, students must request an agreement release in order to cancel their housing agreement. Releases will be given for the following reasons only:

  • Graduation
  • Withdrawal from the University
  • Marriage
  • Medical reasons (verified by the director of Student Health Services or Office of Student Affairs) which are of such a nature as to pose potential physical or mental harm to the student or to other residents.
  • Co-op or Study Abroad assignment away from the greater Detroit Metropolitan area.

In the event of approved withdrawal from the University residence hall system, refunds are subject to a pro-rated assessment for the period of residence. The effective termination date will be the day upon which all of the following have been accomplished:

  • The student has canceled in writing.
  • The student has removed all belongings from the room.
  • Appropriate check out forms have been completed.
  • Room keys, building keys, and proxy cards have been surrendered to the Office of Residence Life.

Students found withdrawing from school and re-registering at a later date during the period of the original agreement for the purpose of securing an agreement release will be assessed all housing and board charges for the year.

Meal Plan Refunds
Exemptions from the mandatory meal plan requirements are granted on an individual basis. All appeals should be made in writing to the Meal Plan Exemption Committee c/o Controller’s Office. Students who totally withdraw from the University will be refunded for the food plan on a pro-rata assessment basis for the period of use.

Administrative Withdrawal Policy
Students who have enrolled in classes but have not made a payment or payment arrangements by the payment due date will be notified of the University’s intention to withdraw them from classes. This policy does not apply to those students who have received financial aid awards, or who have supporting documentation for payment from their employer. Students who still have not made satisfactory arrangements by the end of final day of registration will be dropped from their classes.

Students who are withdrawn lose their enrollment in the class (es) they were registered for and must follow the normal add/drop policies to be re-registered into classes. This requires obtaining instructor’s signature and advisor’s signature for open classes that have met or are closed and advisor’s signature for open classes during the add/drop week. A late registration fee will be assessed for those re-registering.

2012-13 Payment Plans

Payment Methods:

  • Pay online without a fee through TitanConnect ( We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and checks.
  • Payments can also be mailed or paid directly in the Student Accounting Office at 4001 West McNichols Detroit, MI 48221-3038. Please include your student ID number on the check if mailing a payment.

Payment Options

  • Pay the balance in full and avoid any additional fees. Payments made by mail must be received two weeks before the first day of term, or pay in person up to the payment due date listed online in the Schedule of Classes for the appropriate term.
  • If you want to pay in installments, you must enroll in our Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option Plan administered through Tuition Management Systems. For further information, contact the Student Accounting Office or you may contact Tuition Management Systems directly at Please see the TMS information listed below.
  • Submit documentation from your employer or other sponsoring agencies that authorizes the UDM to bill them for your tuition.
  • Your tuition may be deferred if you submit documentation to verify that you are eligible for tuition reimbursement benefits from your employer.

Tuition Management Systems’ Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option
This option allows you to maximize your savings and income by spreading your education expenses over 9 or 10 interest- free monthly payments for the academic year, or 4 or 5 interest-free monthly payments for each term. These convenient options eliminate larger annual or semester payments. Education payment life insurance is included. You have toll-free access to knowledgeable and friendly Education Payment Counselors six days a week and automated account access 24/7.

The University of Detroit Mercy offers these services in partnership with Tuition Management Systems, the nations number one- rated provider of education payment services.

Tuition Management Systems’ Education Payment Counselors are available any time between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday (EST) at 1-800-722-4867. From out-side of the U.S. dial (401) 849-1550.

To learn more about Tuition Management Systems, visit their website at or email

Collection Activity
Should a student not return to classes the following term, a collection notice is sent (approximately the second month of the new term) to the student, advising him/her that an outstanding tuition account balance must be paid to avoid having the account forwarded to a collection agency.

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