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The objectives of the undergraduate program in Manufacturing Engineering are:

  • 1. To prepare engineers who understand the performance of engineered products and systems in terms of the relevant fundamental principles of mathematics, science, and the humanities, whether they are practicing engineers or students in graduate engineering programs.
  • 2. To prepare engineers who excel in the professional practice of manufacturing engineering. Professional practice includes the ability to identify, design, and implement solutions to technical problems through a multiplicity of laboratory, analytical and communication methods within a business climate.
  • 3. To prepare engineers who are aware of how their roles as technical professionals and leaders affect the wider human community, who serve not only as employees or employers but as socially-conscious citizens, and who are motivated by moral principles in their professional and personal lives.

The Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering curriculum prepares graduates to solve problems related to:

  • * production of components, systems and processes
  • * reliability of components and systems
  • * cost effective manufacturing processes
  • * energy-efficient production processes and systems
  • * planning and operations of facilities

Manufacturing Engineering Profession
Manufacturing engineers play a vital role in society by developing and continuously improving the processes and systems that produce almost every item that people use in their workplaces, homes, and recreation. Manufacturing engineers focus on safety, environmental impact, quality, productivity, and cost of the manufacturing processes and systems for which they have responsibility. They must have a broad understanding of core engineering disciplines that enable them to work closely with mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineers to address the full range of issues that occur in manufacturing. In addition to a strong engineering core, the manufacturing engineering curriculum includes courses in topics such as manufacturing systems, manufacturing processes, machining, forming, joining and assembly, tool design, facilities design, manufacturing planning, and operations management.

Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Program:
The Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Program at UDM offers BMfE. degrees in one off-campus program in addition to the degree program on campus. The off-campus program is offered to employees of the Ford Motor Company and its suppliers. UDM has also established an alliance with Macomb Community College and Schoolcraft College to offer a joint program in which students can complete an associate’s degree program at one of these two community colleges and then transfer to UDM to complete the BMfE. program.

In addition to the Engineering core outlined previously, the Manufacturing Engineering Program includes several courses crafted specifically to develop manufacturing expertise. These include MFE 331 & 332, Manufacturing Systems and Manufacturing Systems Laboratory, MFE 333, Principles of Lean Manufacturing, MFE 335, Quality Systems, MFE 390, Mechanisms and Machinery, and MFE 436, Tool Design and Construction. In the senior year, electives are offered, so that the student may choose between metal cutting and forming analysis and MFE 434, Joining and Assembly, in one case, and between an operations and management course and MFE 432, Facilities Design, in another. The capstone course, MFE 451, conducted in the senior year, offers a real-world experience in manufacturing problem solving.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements: In addition to the Engineering core outlined previously, the Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering program includes the following courses:

ENGR 1070 Intermediate CAD and Design 2
ENGR 3120 Statics 3
ENGR 3130 Dynamics 3
ENGR 3140 Fluid Mechanics 3
ENGR 3150 Thermo I 3
ENGR 3170 Science of Materials 3
ENGR 3200 Principles of EE 3
ENGR 3210 Principles of EE Laboratory 1
ENGR 3220 Control Systems 3
ENGR 3240 Engineering Economy 3
ENGR 3260 Deformable Bodies 3
ENGR 3270 Deformable Bodies Laboratory 1
MENG 3610 Mechanical Measurements Laboratory 2
MENG 3820 Mfg Processes 3
MENG 3830 Mfg Processes Laboratory 3
MFEN 3310 Mfg Systems 3
MFEN 3320 Mfg Systems Laboratory 1
MFEN 3330 Principles of Lean Mfg 3
MFEN 3350 Quality Systems 3
MFEN 3900 Mechanisms & Machinery 3
MFEN 4360 Tool Design & Construction 3
MFEN 4510 Manufacturing Capstone 3

One elective from the following three courses:
MENG 4300 Metal Cutting Analysis 3
MENG 4320 Metal Forming Analysis 3
MFEN 4340 Joining & Assembly 3

One elective from the following two courses:
MFEN 4320 Facilities Design 3
BUS 3160 Control of Operations Management 3

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