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The College of Engineering & Science offers a combined Bachelor of Engineering/Master of Engineering program in Electrical Engineering

In order to complete both the B.E.E. and M.Eng. degrees in five years, the student must (a) be very well prepared as an incoming freshman, ready to take our core ECE courses; and (b) satisfy all the conditions (see below) at the end of the junior year, in order to be certified for early admission to the M.Eng. program

Credit Hours
128 credit hours for undergraduate B.Eng. degree (plus 10 Credits Co-op), plus 30/33 credit hours for M.Eng. degree (Thesis/Non-Thesis Option)

General Informations

  • Students should apply for the program near the end of their third year or in the beginning of their fourth year.
  • Students with a GPA of 3.25, 95 credit hours, and approval of the department chair can begin taking graduate-level courses.
  • In order to finish the Bachelors/Masters in five years, students should take graduate courses (or select the graduate section) as technical electives in their fourth year.
  • Students can take a total of 6 credits of graduate courses in their fourth year. These are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • In their fifth year, all courses will be charged at the graduate tuition rate. In their fifth year, student must be registered as full time, which requires that they are registered for 9 credit hours of graduate-level courses per term.

Financial Aid*

  • Scholarships: UDM undergraduate scholarship/grant etc. continues in the fifth year.
  • Additional Scholarship: MI residents may be eligible to receive up to $1600/yr in the fifth year (depending on course load, need, etc.)
  • Departmental scholarship / Teaching Assistantships: Students may receive additional funds from the department.
  • * Names of students approved for the program should be submitted to the Financial Aid office prior to their fifth year. Students should keep in close communication with their financial aid advisor to maximize their financial aid package.

Degree Requirements
Please see the ECE Undergraduate [LINK] and Graduate catalog pages or the Department web site for further information on core courses and various specialization options.

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For more information about UDM, or to apply online, go to www.udmercy.edu/apply.

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