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Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering
The manufacturing engineering program at UDM was developed in cooperation with its university, industrial and organizational partners, as part of the National Science Foundation supported Greenfield Coalition. It is centered on the integration of experiential and academic activities which it is able to offer through the Center for Advanced Technologies at Focus:HOPE (CAT).

Academic Partners
University of Detroit Mercy, Lawrence Technological University, Lehigh University, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University.

Industrial Partners
Cincinnati Machine, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Detroit Diesel Corporation, EDS, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation.

Institutional Partners
Focus:HOPE and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Degree Requirements

For students at Focus:HOPE who successfully complete the prescribed curriculum, UDM will confer a degree of Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering. Students wishing to pursue this degree program should contact:

  • Academic Dean
  • Focus:HOPE
  • 1400 Oakman Boulevard
  • Detroit, Michigan, 48238
  • (313) 494-4293

All candidates for the Greenfield Coalition degrees, including the Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering degree from University of Detroit Mercy, must be employees of Focus:HOPE. Before becoming candidates, each person must either complete the Machinist’s Training Institute curriculum at Focus:HOPE or demonstrate equivalent competence as a machinist.

Description of Greenfield Courses
In the following course descriptions, the institution responsible for the development and delivery of the course, as well as awarding the designated credits, is identified in italics. The grade a student earns for the course will be transferred to the degree granting institution. All courses from partner institutions are offered with the full approval of the institution. The identification of the courses, as given, derives from a common scheme that is used by all partner institutions for the Greenfield courses. A few exceptions will be noted where courses were approved by the institution before the Greenfield identification scheme was established. In these cases the Greenfield identification is given in the brackets [ ] following the institutional identification. Course numbers and titles are subject to change.

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