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Digital Media Studies is a unique, interdisciplinary program that combines explorations in design as well as critique of our digital culture and its global and personal impact. Students in the program are encouraged to discover and develop their unique 'voice' within our digital culture through exploring and critiquing the tool of technology. Some of the avenues DMS students explore are: video and video game design, web and multimedia development, animation, video production, and the history, theory and criticism of media. The program is designed for students who want to pursue many areas of study while learning key skills to shape our technological culture. DMS courses include courses in: English, Design, History, Architecture, Computer Information Systems and Communication Studies. In addition, through the Coop program, Digital Media Studies prepares students for careers in film and media production, web development, advertising, education, as well as endless entrepreneurial possibilities.

Digital Media Mission
Digital Media Studies at the University of Detroit Mercy within the School of Architecture provides an interdisciplinary base within a structure of the design studio as well as a project-based course of study that stresses a balance of digital media production with media criticism and contemporary critical theory.

Degree Requirements

Digital Media Studies Curriculum
The Digital Media Studies major is a unique program combining theory, design and technology. Rooted in interdisciplinary studies, DMS is designed to prepare graduates for work in the digital media field such as web authoring, graphic design, video, video game design. In addition, students must choose a disciplinary concentration to complement their interdisciplinary studies.

DMS Design Sequence - 24 credits

required courses
DMS 191 DMS Design Studio 1
DMS 291 DMS Design Studio 2
DMS 391 DMS Design Studio 3
DMS 491 DMS Design Studio 4
DMS 180 Introduction to Digital Media Studies
DMS 498 Video Game Design
DMS 499 Digital Media Portfolio
AR 171 Introduction to Design

DMS Supporting Courses - 15 credits

required courses
AR 216 Computer Assisted Design
AR 371 Graphic Design I
CST 215 Multimedia I
CST 404 Multimedia II
ENL 305 Freelance Writing Print/Web

Theory and Criticism - 9 credits

Students select THREE from the following list:
AAS 200 Critical Perspective in African American Studies
CST 200 Mass Media Criticism
ENL 255 Studies in Film
ENL 375 Film Genres
ENL 376 The Art of the Film
ENL 480 Literary Theory
HIS 358 American Cultural Studies
PHL 305 Aesthetics
PHL 306 Greek Philosophy
PHL 440 Contemporary Philosophy
WS 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Recommended Electives

minimum 15 credits required
AR 116 Computer Graphics
AR 371 Graphic Design II
AR 396 Special Problems: Digital Media
AR 496 Topics in Digital Media
CIS 104 Introduction to Programming
CIS 201 Programming for the Internet
CST 210 Video Production
CST 211 Audio Production
CST 220 Photography
CST 241 Advertising
CST 311 Single Camera Video Production
ENL 405 Editorial Production and Processes

UDM Core Courses - 12 credits

See UDM Catalog/Schedule for complete list
CIS 103 Web Productivity Tools (Obj. 2)
DMS 171 Introduction to Design
HIS 360 History of American Technology (Obj. 3A)
PHL 140 Critical Thinking: Mass Media (Obj. 4C)

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