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New Information Technologies (IT) have had a deep impact on our culture. The most successful citizens in an IT based society will need to have advanced critical skills and creative problem solving abilities that permit them to sift through an overwhelming flow of information. Electronic Critique (E-Crit) responds to this need with a unique, multidisciplinary degree program that stresses critical thinking about our "Electronic Culture." E-Crit is designed for students who want to combine creativity, critical thinking, and technical expertise. Students who major in the program take a core of IT related courses (12 credits), a concentration in the Liberal Arts (18 credits), and select from tracks in PROGRAMMING or DESIGN (15 credits). All E-Crit majors share their specialized knowledge in the E-Crit Design Laboratory, where they undertake real-world, digital projects (12 credits). Majors must complete a Digital Media Portfolio (3 credits) in their final term to be eligible for graduation. All students engage in co-op and/or internship opportunities. The curriculum prepares students for careers in programming, design, advertising, marketing, business, teaching, media production, and journalism, among others; it also prepares them to be leaders in their fields and in their communities. A Certificate in Electronic Critique is available for non-E-Crit majors.

Degree Requirements

E-Crit majors must complete the following: E-Crit Core (12 cr.)

CIS 103 Web Productivity Tools 3
ENL 305 Freelance Writing: Print and Web 3
HIS 360 History of American Technology 3
PHL 140 Topics in Critical Thinking: Media 3

Disciplinary Concentration (18 cr.)
E-Crit is rooted in a traditional liberal arts education. Therefore, all majors must pursue a disciplinary concentration from a department in the College of Liberal Arts & Education. Each department will recommend courses suitable for E-Crit majors.

E-Crit Design Laboratory (12 cr.)

Students enroll in the E-Crit Lab four times. (3 cr. x 4)
ENL 491 E-Crit Design Laboratory 3

Digital Media Portfolio (3 cr.)

ECR 499 Digital Media Portfolio 3

E-Crit Tracks (15 credits from one of the tracks below)
Students in E-Crit must select from one of two specialized tracks—Programming OR Design—in order to develop an area of expertise related to information technology. Recommended courses are listed below. Substitutions may be made with the approval of the program director. In keeping with the cross-disciplinary commitment of E-Crit, majors are encouraged to combine these tracks with certificate programs in other colleges (see below).

Programming Track (15 cr.)
CIS 201 Introduction to Programming (Prerequisite CIS 103) 3
CIS 220 Programming for the Internet (Prerequisite CIS 201) 3
CIS 281 Data Communications and Networks (Prerequisite CIS 201) 3
CIS 305 Requirements and Design (Prerequisite CIS 220) 3

Plus, choose one of the following:
CIS 335 Interface Design (P CIS 115 and 305) 3
CIS 382 Database Design (P CIS 305) 3
CIS 460 Technologies for E-Commerce (P CIS 281 and 305) 3

Design Track (15 cr.)

ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design (Marygrove College, 4cr.) 4
AR 116 Introduction to Computer Graphics (permission of Arch. prof. required) OR
ART 211 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Marygrove College, 4 cr.) AND
ART 212 (Marygrove College, 4 cr.) 4
AR 216 Computer Design (permission of Arch. prof. required) OR
CST 231 Design and Layout
ENL 215 Multimedia I

Plus, choose one of the following:
AR 371 Graphic Design 3
ENL 315 Multimedia II (P ENL 215) 3
ENL 375 Film Genres 3
CST 311 Single Camera Video Production 3
Students in this track must complete at least one design-related elective at the 300-400 level.

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