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Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees 2005-2006*

* Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Undergraduate Tuition

Liberal Arts & Education, Science, Business Administration, Dental Hygiene (non-clinical), Health Professions, Nursing

Per credit, 1-11 credit hours$535
12-18 credit hours (flat rate per term)$10,950
19th and each additional credit hour$730

Engineering, Architecture

Per credit, 1-11 credit hours$575
12-18 credit hours (flat rate per term)$11,400
19th and each additional credit hour$760

Extended Campuses

Per credit hour$400

Study AbroadVaries by program

Application Fees

International Student$50

Residency Fees*

Per term(double/single)
East, North, South Quads$2,144/$3,472
Holden Hall/Shiple$2,064/$3,328
West Quad (Second-Fourth Floors)$2,304/$3,600
*Local telephone and cable service included.

All resident students, except West Quad residents are required to take a board plan. Single occupancy is subject to availability. All other rates for special or guest housing are subject to negotiation with the Director of Residence Life.

2005-2006 Meal Plans

19 meals/$100 DB$1,520
14 meals/$200 DB$1,520
9 meals/$200 DB$1,424
5 meals/$350 DB$1,424
150 Block/$100 DB$1,424
100 Block/$200 DB$1,424
$500 DB (co-op students)$720

Miscellaneous Fees

Registration Fee (Non-refundable) Full-Time/Part-Time$285/$185
Late Payment Fee$50
Late Registration Fee$50
Student Orientation Fee$200
Transcripts (per copy)$5
Duplicate Diploma or Certificate Fee$35-$50
Cooperative Training Credit (alternating)$600
Cooperative Training Credit (parallel)$300
Co-op Portfolio Evaluation Fee$200
I.D. Card Replacement$15
Beginning English/Intensive English (Per Course)$5,315
Intermediate & Advanced English (Per Course)$4,085 & $1,520
English Proficiency Testing Fee (Non-UDM Students)$25
Graduation Fee$95

Tuition Refund Policy

General Information
Academic and financial obligations for a course or service in which a student is registered are modified only by an official withdrawal from the course or service. The official academic withdrawal must be completed in writing on the appropriate form available in the office of the dean or director of the college in which the student is registered. The official date of withdrawal will be the date on which written notice of withdrawal is received by the office of the dean or director.

Refunds will be first applied to any financial aid received by the student and then to the indebtedness he/she has with the University. Refund schedules are published in the Schedule of Classes each term. Refund schedules are also available in the Student Accounting Office, Registrar’s Office and from the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office.

Refund schedules are published in the online Schedule of Classes each term: http://www.udmercy.edu/classschedule/

Co-op Students
Co-op students who must withdraw from classes or school because they receive notification of their employment after registration will be granted a total refund upon approval of the dean of the Career Education Center.

Refund Variance Committee
Should a student be unable to complete the withdrawal process within the appropriate time limitation because of circumstances beyond his/her control, he/she may appeal the refund decision in writing to the Variance Committee through the Student Accounting Office (academic) or Director of Residence Life (dorm and food services).

University Refund Schedule

Period of student's attendance from beginning of second day of term/sessionPercent of tuition refund for lengths of terms or sessions
9-16 wks6-8 wks
One week or less100%100%
Between one and two weeks75%50%
Between two and three weeks50%25%
Between three and four weeks25%None
Over four weeksNoneNone

Residence Halls Cancellation Policy
The Residence Hall application is a binding agreement with the Office of Residence Life and the University of Detroit Mercy for the academic year consisting of fall and spring terms. Cancellations from the housing agreement will not be accepted after June 1 unless the student is withdrawing from the University for the academic year. All cancellations must be received in writing or via email. Cancellations during the academic year are subject to a $350 cancellation fee, which may be waived for the following reasons: graduation, withdraw from the University, marriage, medical reasons as verified by the University, co-op or study abroad, financial.

In the event of approved withdrawal from the University residence hall system, refunds are subject to a pro-rated assessment for the period of residence. The effective termination date will be the day upon which all of the following have been accomplished:

  • The student has canceled in writing.
  • The student has removed all belongings from the room.
  • Appropriate check out forms have been completed.
  • Room and building keys and key tags have been surrendered to the Office of Residence Life.

Meal Plan Refunds
Students who totally withdraw from the University will be refunded for the food plan on a pro-rata assessment basis for the period of use.

Late Payment Fee
Students who do not pay their tuition and fees or arrange for payment of fees by the first day of class will be assessed a late payment fee.

Late Registration Fee
Students who register for class after the last day for registration may be charged a $50 late registration fee. Students are encouraged to register early to avoid this fee.

Deferred Payment Fee
Students who carry a semester balance more than half way through the term are subject to a deferred payment fee.

Service Charge
A service charge of 1.5 percent of the outstanding balance is assessed monthly beginning the last month of the term until the debt is paid in full.

Collection Activity Timetables
Should a student not return to classes the following term, a collection notice is sent (approximately the second month of the new term) advising the student that an outstanding tuition account balance is due to the University. This balance must be paid to avoid the account being forwarded to a collection agency. The account is assigned to a collection agency approximately 30 days after notification to the former student that his/her account is past due.

2005-2006 Payment Plans

Payment Methods:

  • Cash, check or money order.
  • Charge card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover). Remember to enter your account number on the back of your student account statement and mail it in the envelope provided with your statement, or you may charge your payment by calling the Student Accounting Office.

Payment Options

  • Pay the balance in full and avoid any additional fees.
  • Enroll in Tuition Management Systems’ Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option and pay according to the schedule below.
  • Employer billing authorization form.
  • Employer letter specifying the employee is eligible for tuition reimbursement payment benefits.
  • Complete a tuition reimbursement waiver.
  • When paying in full, mail the appropriate payment to be received one week before classes begin, or pay in person anytime up to the first day of classes.

Tuition Management Systems' Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option
The Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option allows you to maximize your savings and income by spreading your education expenses over 10 or 9 interest- free monthly payments for the academic year, or 5 or 4 interest-free monthly payments for each term. These convenient options eliminate larger annual or semester payments. Education payment life insurance is optional. You have toll-free access to knowledgeable and friendly Education Payment Counselors six days week and automated account access every hour of every day.

The University of Detroit Mercy offers these services in partnership with Tuition Management Systems, the nations number one- rated provider of education payment services.

Choose either an Annual Plan or a Semester Plan and select a payment schedule offered under the plan. Enroll over the telephone by dialing 1-800-722-4867 ext. 755.

Annual Plan Schedule (select one)

  • 10 interest-free monthly payments paid from August 1 - May 1.
  • Nine interest-free monthly payments paid from September 1 - May 1.

Semester Plan

  • Five interest-free monthly payments
  • Four interest-free monthly payments

To learn more about Tuition Management Systems, visit their website at http://www.afford.com or, email tmsservice@afford.com

Collection Activity
Should a student not return to classes the following term, a collection notice is sent (approximately the second month of the new term) to the student, advising him/her that an outstanding tuition account balance must be paid to avoid having the account forwarded to a collection agency.

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