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Regularly admitted students majoring in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering can apply for the MAP program. If needed, during their first year, MAP students augment their engineering studies with Spanish classes. In the summer following their first year, the MAP students needing further language education participate in a seven-week intensive Spanish program at Monterrey Tech in Monterrey, Mexico.

After their sophomore year at University of Detroit Mercy, MAP students in good standing undertake industrial co-op assignments at a U.S. automotive facility of one of the corporate sponsors of the program, Ford Motor Co, General Motors, DaimlerChysler, and Visteon.

The third year (calendar) of the program is spent entirely in Mexico, in a combination of two academic terms and one industrial assignment in Mexico. All instruction is in Spanish but the textbooks used are in English and classmates and faculty are able to speak English. Third year industrial assignments are at Mexican facilities of the MAP sponsors. While taking course work in Mexico, MAP students will be registered for the course MAP 300 in their first term and MAP 350 in their second term in order to facilitate later transfer of credit back to UDM. Specific grades for course work taken in Mexico do not transfer. Eligibility for graduation with honors will be based on the last 60 hours at UDM (ie, sophomore and senior years).

After the junior year in Mexico, the senior year of the program starts with an industrial assignment in the U.S. and is followed by the last two academic terms before graduation.

While studying at Monterrey Tech, tuition will be charged by UDM for course work taken at Monterrey Tech. Any type of financial aid (ie, scholarships, loans, etc) will be honored at UDM to help cover tuition expenses. These, combined with the income earned from the industrial assignments, which may exceed $20,000, make the program affordable to many. While in Mexico, the MAP student is responsible for room, board and transportation to and from Mexico.

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