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The Addiction Studies program educates students in the knowledge and skills required to provide prevention, assessment, referral and treatment services for individuals and families who suffer from addictive disorders. The curriculum places major emphasis on chemical addictions while exploring the broader range of addictive behaviors. The interplay of mental illness and addiction is a focus as well. The program is interdisciplinary, including courses in the behavioral and physical sciences, the humanities as well as addiction studies. The practical experience of the internship is an important part of the curriculum.

Students can conveniently pursue the Bachelor of Science or the Undergraduate Certificate on a part-time or a fulltime basis. Transfer credit will shorten the program. Courses are scheduled evenings and weekends to accommodate the working student.

The B.S. curriculum satisfies the prerequisites for the M.A. in Addictions Counseling or Agency Counseling and for the M.A. in Clinical Psychology at UDM. Both the B.S. and the Undergraduate Certificate meet the education and internship requirements for the Certified Addictions Counselor credential (CAC) awarded by the State of Michigan.

Undergraduate Certificate in Addiction Studies
This Certificate is intended for students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in a professional discipline that would enable them to be effective in the prevention of, intervention into, or treatment of addictive disorders. Because of the education and professional training that the student brings to the program from his or her own major discipline, it is possible to provide a curriculum of course work and field experience in Addiction Studies totaling 18 credit hours that prepares the student to work effectively on behalf of those adversely affected by addictive disorders.

Degree Requirements

Curriculum - three components:

1. A core of four required courses totaling 12 credits:
ADS 100 Introduction to Substance Abuse 3
ADS 120 Assessment, Referral, and Treatment Methods 3
ADS 241 Techniques of Individual Counseling 3
ADS 436 Family Theory and Therapy 3

2. One elective course totaling 3 credits from the following:
ADS 417 Chemical Dependence and Youth 3
ADS 421 Gambling and Sexual Addiction 3
ADS 443 Group Methods 3
ADS 447 Employee Assistance Programming 3
ADS 450 Prevention and Intervention in Substance Abuse 3
ADS 460 Spirituality and Recovery 3
ADS 495 Addictive Populations 3

3. A clinical component totaling three credits to be fulfilled as a field placement of 300 hours in an addiction prevention or treatment agency. It can be done in conjunction with a clinical requirement in the student's major field.
ADS 242 3
Total: 18 cr. The certificate will be awarded when the student has met all other requirements for the bachelor's degree.

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