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Master of Science in Computer Science
The Master of Science in Computer Science program at the University of Detroit Mercy is a 30 credit hour program with a focus on Software Engineering. It is designed to:

  • Produce graduates that are ready to work in industry, government, health, and education. The graduates will have both practical and theoretical educational experience in Software Engineering;
  • Provide software engineering educational experience that is rich in state-of-the-art laboratories, industry-related projects, and practical design skills, which highlight teamwork, computer-based problem solving, communication skills, and ethical values needed for software engineers;
  • Prepare students to pursue a Doctorate degree in software engineering through a motivating, extensive, and state-of-the-art educational experience.

Admissions Requirements

In order to be admitted to the program, the applicant

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with a minimum GPA 3.0.(GPA of 2.7 or higher may be accepted with the addition of a few pre-requisite courses.)
  • Must have taken courses in a modern programming language, such as C++ or Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Organization, Calculus and Discrete Mathematics.
  • Students will make up for deficiencies in undergraduate preparation by taking some prerequisite courses.
  • Applicants with academic or work experience equivalent to any of the courses mentioned above may have that course waived after passing a department test with a grade of at least “B.”

Degree Requirements

The program requires 30 credits of planned study in Software Engineering.

1. Students must take the following six courses:

CSSE 5150 Software Engineering 3
CSSE 5500 Software Quality Engineering 3
CSSE 5520 Architectures for Software Systems 3
CSSE 5550 Software Requirements Engineering 3
CSSE 5570 Software Systems Project Management 3
CSSE 5700 Applied Cryptology & Network Security 3

2. The Graduate Design Project (CSSE 5930, 3 cr.) or Software Engineering Thesis (CSSE 5950, 6 cr.) must be taken during the last semester(s) of study. These courses require students to carry out a project in a field of Software Engineering or submit a thesis in selective areas of Software Engineering. If a thesis is pursued, only one course of the list of classes in (3) below is needed.

3. Two courses should be taken from the following list of application areas classes:

CSSE 5310 Data Mining 3 3
CSSE 5440 Web Technology 3 3
CSSE 5480 Artificial Intelligence 3 3
CSSE 5510 Parallel Systems 3 3
CSSE 5670 Distributed Processing 3 3
CSSE 5650 Bioinformatics Algorithms 3 3

4. One course should be taken from the following list of Software Engineering electives.

CSSE 5250 Software Design 3 3
CSSE 5270 User Interface Engineering 3 3
CSSE 5430 Software Systems Verification 3 3
CSSE 5540 Software Configuration 3 3
CSSE 5600 Software Maintenance 3 3
CSSE 5610 Software Testing 3 3
CSSE 5620 Software Safety 3 3
CSSE 5680 Systems Engineering 3 3
CSSE 5710 Software Engineering Metrics 3 3
CSSE 5720 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3 3
CSSE 5850 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering 3 3

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