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The Masters Degree in Computer and Information Systems produces effective leaders for advanced technology organizations. It offers the most up-to-date, industry based, knowledge of best practices in IT process development, leadership and program management. It provides seamlessly integrated strategic understanding of the correct way to manage lifecycle and information assurance processes.

Graduates will be able to interact and function effectively in a multi-national, multi-tiered project environment. They will be among the first people capable of bringing coherent understanding and direction to an industry that no-longer functions within the limits of borders, or cultures. In addition, they will be able to ensure that their organizations will be able to compete successfully within this new paradigm.

Specific knowledge areas include: IT portfolio and project management, system requirements elicitation and specification, comprehensive program construction concepts, assurance and business alignment processes and information assurance, audit and control. Upon graduation students will be able to create and oversee productive and continuously improving management control infrastructures for large complex and diverse businesses.

Admissions Requirements

The MSCIS Program is open to students of high academic promise who have earned a four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Of primary importance is the nature and quality of the applicant's prior academic record and work experience. No prior work in software management is necessary, since the curriculum encapsulates the entire body of knowledge. Incoming students with limited background in software development are given adequate foundation as part of their course of study.

Admission Materials
To apply for admission to the MSCIS Program, applicants should submit the following materials:

  • 1. A University of Detroit Mercy Graduate Application Form and application fee;
  • 2. Official transcripts for all previous academic work;
  • 3. Any other information that the applicant feels is important to the admission decision.

Degree Requirements

A student must complete 30 credit hours, which comprise of five core courses and five electives.

Pre-core (for students who do not have programming experience)
CIS 5010 Introduction to Information Systems 3

Core (for all students)
CIS 5100 Object Orientation 3
CIS 5200 Specification and Design 3
CIS 5300 Software Assurance 3
CIS 5400 Software Management 3
CIS 5500 Practicum 3

Electives (5 required – all three credits)

CIS 5020 Enterprise Systems Programming 3
CIS 5050 Project Management 3
CIS 5250 Secure Software Construction 3
CIS 5350 Metrics and Models for Software Management 3
CIS 5540 Post-Release Sustainment 3
CIS 5550 Database Design 3
CIS 5570 Networks 3
CIS 5580 System Forensics 3
CIS 5590 Advanced Network Security 3
CIS 5600 Homeland Security Studies 3
CIS 5650 Information Ethics 3
CIS 5660 Access Technology 3
CIS 5700 Information Assurance Principles 3
CIS 5750 Information Assurance Technologies 3
CIS 5790 Information Assurance Processes 3
CIS 5800 Advanced Topics 3
CIS 5890 International Software Management 3
CIS 5900 Certifications 3
CIS 5910 Audit 3
CIS 5950 Directed Research 3
CIS 5990 Master's Thesis 3
MBA 5200 Decision Analysis 3
MBA 5260 Information Systems and Technology 3
MBA 5620 Entrepreneurship 3

Master's Thesis Option:
Note: A student may write a thesis with the approval of his/her advisor and the director of Graduate Business Programs. In this case, students are required to take only four electives.

CIS 5990 Master's Thesis 6

Total: 30 credit hours


Certifications will be offered in the following areas as a value added component of the CIS Masters Degree. These certifications are not dependent on graduation from the program. The student will receive a formal UDM certificate of achievement if they complete all of the courses in a concentration area. In addition the student may contact the various bodies listed to pursue professional certification. Please note that this service is not being offered in any programmatic way. Although they will be regularly offered, the student is fully responsible for taking these courses as they appear and they must notify the College once they have completed the certification requirement. Furthermore the College does not guarantee that an individual student will automatically qualify for credentialing from the professional bodies.

Certified IT Security Manager (leading to the CIAP exam)
CIS 5570 Network Security 3
CIS 5580 System Forensics 3
CIS 5700 Information Assurance Principles 3
CIS 5750 Information Assurance Technologies 3
CIS 5790 Information Assurance Processes 3

Certified IT Auditor (leading to the CISA exam)
CIS 5580 System Forensics 3
CIS 5660 Access Technology 3
CIS 5910 Information Audit 3

Joint MBA/MSCIS Degree Option

A Joint MBA/MSCIS degree option is offered to those who wish to expand their knowledge of the business environment along with the rapidly changing world of information technology. Under this option up to 15 credits from one degree may be applied to the other degree. Grades earned in those 15 credits will not be counted in the calculation of the grade point average for the second degree.

Students who desire this joint degree option should normally declare their intention during their first semester of enrollment. Students must contact their advisor to file the appropriate form with the Graduate Office. Students must meet the admission requirements for both programs, must fulfill all foundation requirements for both programs, and must successfully complete the coursework specified for the Joint Degree Option.

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