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The MEM program is a state-of-the-art program designed for practicing engineers, scientists, technical specialists, and engineering managers to dramatically enrich their technical skills and understanding of the engineering leadership positions.

The MEM program is an interdisciplinary program - a rich and balanced blend of engineering and management courses as well as the treatment of fundamental, current and the evolving practices. It equips the future and the current managers with skills to face the challenges and opportunities offered by the global competition. It is a dynamic program - curriculum continuously enhanced to meet the new and evolving engineering and business challenges.

The Engineering Management Program is distinctive among engineering management programs in its curriculum responsiveness to the evolving global challenges, and the courses being taught by both seasoned faculty and by industry leaders who bring the real world expertise to the classroom.

In partnership with the International Quality Federation (IQF), the MEM program provides options for Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification. The certification itself is earned through IQF. These courses are open to non-MEM students.

The program objectives of the MEM program are as follows:

  • To provide graduates with a unique skill-set of technical and management skills.
  • To equip graduates to recognize the effects of new technology on management issues and tools and processes to leverage them.
  • To provide graduates with both an ability to apply engineering principles and a skill in organizing and directing technical projects and people in technical jobs.
  • To provide the tools needed to function competitively in today's challenging engineering environment.
  • To foster innovation and creativity.

Admissions Requirements

The Master of Engineering Management program accepts applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in engineering and have at least two years of post-baccalaureate industrial experience. Applicants with degrees in physical sciences also may apply.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Engineering Management requires 36 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree: 21 credit hours in the Engineering Management Core and 15 credit hours in technical areas of interest.

Transfer Credit

A student with a previous master's degree may request to transfer courses but must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours at the University.

Master of Engineering Management Courses

Five Engineering Management Core Courses
EMGT 5010 Principles of Engineering Management 3
EMGT 5020 Engineering Economics 3
EMGT 5030 Engineering Accounting 3
EMGT 5040 Engineering Administration 3
EMGT 5110 Engineering Decision Analysis 3

Two Elective Courses from among the following recommended list:
EMGT 5120 Engineering Marketing 3
EMGT 5130 Manufacturing Operations Management 3
EMGT 5140 Engineering Information Systems and Technology 3
EMGT 515 Simulation 3

Five Technical Elective courses
Five technical elective courses must be taken. Some of the possible elective courses are listed below. Upon approval of the academic advisor, courses may also be taken from the lists of graduate courses of various engineering departments.

Some possible technical elective courses:
ENGR 502 Design of Experiments 3
EMGT 5060 Global Engineering Management Leadership 3
EMGT 5200 Optimization of Engineering Problems 3
EMGT 5250 Fuel Cells and Alternative Fuel Transportation 3
EMGT 5270 Hybrid Electric Vehicles 3
EMGT 5400 Manufacturing Processes, Strategy and Logistics 3
EMGT 5420 Manufacturing Productivity 3
EMGT 5450 Total Quality Management 3
EMGT 5460 Product and Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma -Level 1 3
EMGT 5470 Product and Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma - Level 2 3
EMGT 5480 Product and Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma - Level 3 3
EMGT 5490 Concurrent Engineering 3
EMGT 5500 Lean Manufacturing 3
EMGT 5600 Lean Product Creation 3
EMGT 5700 Systems Architecture and Engineering 3
EMGT 5760 Engineering Project Management 3
EMGT 5960 Advanced Topics in Engineering Management 3

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