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Career Education Center
Career Education Center

Career Education Center
The Career Education Center offers many services to help graduate students and alumni in making career decisions appropriate to their career goals. Career Center resources such as: Titan Career Link the online job search and resource database, provides resources to research career options, explore job postings, apply for actual positions and learn more about career related subjects, activities and events.

Career Advising

Career advising clarifies the relationship between academic programs and career objectives. Through participation in career development courses, career advising sessions, or workshops, students can learn more about their career goals and explore various career options. students can utilize the Career Center website and resource library to access a comprehensive reference collection of company literature, educational guides, self help publications and career information resources.

Career and Job Search Services

Students can take advantage of career and job search assistance. Services include: workshops, job search assistance and career advising, practice interview sessions, campus interviewing and participation in local and regional job fairs. Through the Career Education Center website: Titan Career Link students have access to a database of current job postings from local, regional and national organizations.

Cooperative Education

Co-op links academic learning with workplace experience to provide students with an education that has career relevance. Co-op gives students a chance to obtain practical work experience relative to their major and career goals before graduation. Students enhance their academic programs with terms of paid training in business, industry and government.

Co-op assignments normally run concurrent with the University academic term beginning in January, May and September. Work assignments are career specific. Students either "ALTERNATE"a full-time academic term with full-time co-op work assignments or "PARALLEL" part-time academic studies with part-time co-op work assignments.

Participation and Eligibility

Graduate students in the Engineering, Science, Business, Health Professions and Liberal Arts may choose to explore participation in cooperative education. Participation in the graduate cooperative education program is a privilege extended to those students who meet certain criteria and have made satisfactory academic progress. International students should follow the International Student Office guidelines for specific requirements related to their visa status before pursuing co-op employment.

To be eligible for co-op graduate students should:

  • Schedule an appointment with a co-op coordinator at the Career Education Center to discuss their work plan and determine if or when they will be eligible to participate and determine best course of action
  • Be a currently enrolled student
  • Be majoring in a discipline which allows cooperative education in the curriculum
  • Participate in seminars as required
  • Keep the co-op coordinator informed of any changes in the co-op assignment
  • Secure a full-time or part-time employment offer, related to the field of study, for one academic term
  • While on alternating co-op, take no more than six credit hours during the term without dean and co-op coordinator permission
  • Agree to work full-time or part-time for a minimum of 12 weeks of the academic term
  • Adhere to policies of the co-op employer and the regulations of the Career Education Center as indicated in the catalog and student co-op handbook
  • Pay the requisite participation fee for each co-op assignment ($600 alternating/$300 parallel assignment)

Post-Graduate/Doctoral Students

Cooperative education is not a component of post-graduate/doctoral level study. Doctoral level candidates requesting participation in cooperative education will only be considered under exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis. If approved, doctoral students would follow the graduate level co-op guidelines. International students should consult with ISO for thesis/dissertation related CPT guidelines.

Student Employment Services

Student Employment Services is coordinated by the Financial Aid Office. Work-study and Non Work-study job opportunities are posted on the bulletin board outside of the Financial Aid Office and on: Titan Career Link.

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