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The College of Business Administration provides professional education in business and related fields recognizing the importance of a liberalizing education as a foundation for a career of continuing self-education. The University of Detroit Mercy's Graduate Programs offer a personal academic approach to help you prepare for a rapidly evolving business world. Graduate business students can tailor their programs to meet their specific needs and interests, building on their current base of knowledge and work experiences. The College aims to instill in its students, through a personalized educational process, a sense of personal integrity, a high measure of intellectual curiosity and a deep awareness of personal and social values in contemporary society, particularly in its urban setting. To this end, the College notes the following mission and goals:


The College of Business Administration prepares diverse students to serve business organizations and society with competence, compassion and conscience. Rooted in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions, the College champions academic excellence and good character by encouraging intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social growth. We achieve this mission by:

  • Encouraging and expecting excellence from students, faculty, and staff in all we do.
  • Helping students to develop knowledge, analytical and critical thinking, and skills to compete in a dynamic global business environment;
  • Teaching students self-reflection, teamwork with diverse peoples, and responsible stewardship for the common good;
  • Delivering quality teaching, research, and service to our University, our profession, and our community;
  • Providing quality bachelor and master degree programs

Outlook for Graduates of Business Programs

Since the late 1940s, more than 5,000 men and women in the U.S. and countries abroad have earned graduate business degrees at the University. Enrollment in graduate business programs averages 450 students per term, with approximately 200 students completing their graduate degrees each year.

The University of Detroit Mercy's graduate business programs have an excellent reputation in metropolitan Detroit's professional community. More than 200 business and professional organizations are represented by employees enrolled as degree candidates at the University. The University is proud of the many graduates who are in top management positions of organizations in every sector of the economy..

Student Responsibilities

Graduate Student Responsibilities in the College of Business
Students in the College of Business Administration are responsible and accountable for knowledge of the requirements and procedures set forth by the College. Administrators, advisors, and faculty are available to assist students by explaining the various requirements and procedures for each program. However, the ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with the student.

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