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Master of Arts Early Childhood Education
The Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education prepares professionals to work with children from birth to age eight. The degree is designed for those who hold elementary teacher certification and are seeking careers as early childhood teachers, infancy through age eight, or other positions related to the care and education of young children.

The program emphasizes the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), developmentally appropriate practices in educating young children as well as the need for multicultural educational programs that promote respect and understanding of family, ethnic, cultural, racial, and socioeconomic diversity of the young child.

Requirements for the Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education fulfill all requirements for the Early Childhood (ZA) endorsement. Requirements are subject to change by the Michigan Department of Education.

Admissions Requirements

The requirements for admission to graduate study in early childhood education are a 3.0 GPA and fulfillment of requirements for a state teaching certificate, or a background of education and experience satisfactory to the department, and three letters of recommendation written by persons capable of evaluating potential for this field.

Degree Requirements

EDU 423* Curriculum & Methods of Teaching Children Infancy Through Age Eight 3
EDU 476* Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Assessment 3
EDU 486* Young Children in Peril: Educational Implications 3
EDU 500* Methods of Educational Research 3
EDU 502* Internship in Early Childhood Education 3
EDU 516 Curriculum Construction for Elementary/Middle Teachers 3
EDU 550 Seminar in Early Childhood Education 3
EDU 558* Cognitive Development in the Young Child 3
EDU 559* Perceptual & Language Development in the Young Child 3
EDU 562* Developing Creative Environments for Children 3
EDU 563* Philosophies & Models of Early Childhood Education 3
Elective In Consultation with Program Director 3

Suggested Electives:
EDU 481 Early Childhood Administration 3
EDU 526 Collaboration & Consultation in Education 3
SED 585 Educating Diverse & Special Populations in the Inclusionary Setting 3
PYC 541 Principles & Issues in Infant & Toddler Development 3
*Early Childhood Certificate Endorsement (ZA)

The master's research paper is required to be completed in conjunction with
EDU 550

An early childhood education endorsement may be obtained by completing the following 24 semester hours of course work:
EDU 423
EDU 476
EDU 486
EDU 502
EDU 558
EDU 559
EDU 562
EDU 563

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