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Master of Arts Educational Administration
The Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration is designed for those individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career in educational administration whether it be as assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or some other administrative position.

Admissions Requirements

The requirements for admission to graduate study in education are a 3.0 average, fulfillment of requirements for a state teaching certificate or a background of education and experience satisfactory to the department, and three letters of recommendation submitted by persons capable of evaluating your potential for this field. Applicants for programs in administration will be required to give evidence of their fitness to pursue a professional career in the area chosen for study.

Degree Requirements

Thirty-six credit hours which include the following 27 credits of core courses:
EDU 500 Methods of Educational Research 3
EDU 516 Curriculum Construction for Elementary/Middle Teachers or 3
EDU 517 Curriculum Construction for Secondary Teachers 3
EDU 573 Administration of Elementary/Middle Schools or 3
EDU 574 Administration of Secondary Schools 3
EDU 575 School Finance 3
EDU 582 School/Community Relations 3
EDU 586 Legal Foundations of American Education 3
EDU 594 Seminar in Educational Leadership 3
EDU 596 Program Planning & Evaluation 3
EDU 620 Supervision of Instruction 3

The master's research paper is required to be completed in conjunction with:
EDU 594

Nine credit hours of electives may be selected from:
EDU 525 Educational Policy Studies 3
CNS 540 Testing & Evaluation 3
EDU 592 Field Experience in Elementary School Administration & Supervision or 3
EDU 593 Field Experience in Secondary School Administration & Supervision 3
EDU 604 Internship in Central Office Administration 3
EDU 609 Advanced Seminar in Curriculum Planning & Administration 3
PYC 503 Statistics 3
MBA 514 Foundations of Management 1.5
MBA 516 Foundations of Marketing 2
MBA 525 Leadership 3
MBA 527 Organizational Processes 3

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