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Admissions Requirements

Admission Criteria

  • 1. Graduation from a state-approved associate degree or diploma program
  • 2. Current licensure to practice as an RN in the state of Michigan
  • 3. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 in previous academic course work and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in science courses

This pathway of RN to MSN will allow academically outstanding registered nurses to accelerate the process of earning a MSN by allowing them to take graduate credits (9-11 credits, dependent on major) on the undergraduate level. Upon completion of their baccalaureate degree requirements, these graduate credits will count towards their MSN degree.

The RN to MSN student will first focus on completing liberal arts and support core courses and taking the nursing bridge course:
NUR 322 Professional Issues Within the Changing Health Care System 2

Upon completion of 12 credit hours in the BSN completion curriculum (including one nursing course) with an overall GPA of 3.0, the student is eligible to apply for graduate standing. The criteria for progression to graduate standing in the McAuley School of Nursing includes:

  • • Completion of the graduate application
  • • Graduate Record Examination
  • • Three letters of professional recommendation
  • • Autobiographical statement
  • • Personal interview
  • • 2 years of full time nursing experience

The student who qualifies for the graduate program will have two options from which to choose: the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program or the Health Systems Management (HSM) program. Students will complete all the requirements for the BSN program with the following courses from the graduate program taken to fulfill the undergraduate degree requirements:

PYC 503 Statistics
Graduate Statistics will replace the undergraduate statistics requirement. The prerequisite for this course is Intermediate Algebra, which RNs will be required to take prior to this course.

HLH 550 Research Methods
The Research methods course will replace the undergraduate nursing research requirement (NUR 360).

NUR 502 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice
This core course for the graduate program will replace the nursing elective requirement for the undergraduate nursing program, in addition to providing nursing theoretical foundation knowledge from the undergraduate nursing course.

NUR 511 Advanced Health Assessment
This course, specifically for nurses who elect the FNP master's program, will replace NUR 342 at the undergraduate level (Advanced Health Assessment for the Registered Nurse).

Therefore, students will complete all undergraduate course requirements for the BSN (126 credits), with the preceding listed courses meeting the undergraduate degree requirements. Students who elect to go into the FNP program will have 11 credits to transfer into the master's program, and students who elect to go into the HSM program will have nine credits to transfer into the master's program.

RN to MSN Pathway for the RN with a bachelor's degree outside of nursing

This program is tailored for the registered nurse who holds a bachelor's degree outside of nursing. It will not have the stop-out option for the BSN degree. This candidate follows the same admission criteria as students who are seeking entrance to the MSN program and meets the same qualifications as master's applicants to the McAuley School of Nursing. The student must meet graduate standards as outlined in the graduate handbook and the University of Detroit Mercy catalog. These have been detailed above in the first pathway described. The student may choose either the FNP or the HSM graduate programs.

Students in this pathway will be required to meet prerequisite course requirements to ensure that the applicant is prepared for graduate study in nursing. Input from the graduate program coordinator, BSN-completion coordinator, and the graduate committee will be used to assess the bridge course requirements. All students admitted to this program with a bachelor's degree outside of nursing will be mandated to meet the following competencies or equivalencies, with other courses determined on individual assessment of the student's transcript:

ETH 358 (Health Ethics)
BCS 338 (Pathophysiology)
NUR 322 (Professional Issues in the Changing Health Care System)
NUR 422 (Epidemiological Trends and Implications for Urban Health)
NUR 444 (Leadership and Management in Nursing in a Changing Health Care System)
NUR 446 (Integrated Leadership and Community Practicum for the RN)

As noted above, for students to remain in good standing, they must achieve a minimum of B- in all nursing courses, and an overall GPA of 3.0.

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