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Career Education Center
Career Education Center

The Career Education Center offers many services to help graduate students and alumni in making career decisions appropriate to their career goals. Career Center resources such as Titancareerlink, the online job search and resource database:, provides resources to research career options, explore job postings, apply for actual positions and learn more about career related subjects, activities and events.

Student handbooks and materials are available and distributed on campus describing the specific policies, regulations, organizations, services, hours of operation and events. If you would like additional information, please refer to the handbook or contact the appropriate office.

Career Advising

Career advising clarifies the relationship between academic programs and career objectives. Through participation in career development courses, career advising sessions, or workshops, students can learn more about their career goals and explore various career options. Students can utilize the Career Center website and resource library to access a comprehensive reference collection of company literature, educational guides, self help publications and career information resources.

Career and Job Search Services

Graduate students can take advantage of career and job search assistance. Services include; workshops, job search assistance and career advising, practice interview sessions, campus interviewing and participation in local and regional job fairs. Through the Career Education Center website graduate students have access to a database of current job postings from local, regional and national organizations.

Student Employment Services

Students interested in part-time and full-time off-campus job opportunities may utilize the Center’s online database system to view current job postings in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Cooperative Education

Co-op links academic learning with workplace experience to provide students with an education that has career relevance. Co-op gives students a chance to obtain practical work experience relative to their major and career goals before graduation. Students enhance their academic programs with terms of paid training in business, industry, and government.

Graduate students may be eligible to participate in co-op. Co-op assignments normally run concurrent with the University academic term beginning in January, May, and September. Work assignments are career specific. Students either “ALTERNATE” a full-time academic term with full-time co-op work assignments or “PARALLEL” part-time academic studies with part-time co-op work assignments.

Participation and Eligibility

Graduate students in the Colleges of Engineering and Science, Architecture, Business, Health Professions and Liberal Arts may choose to explore participation in co-op. International students need to contact the International Student Office for specific requirements related to their visa status before pursuing co-op employment. Graduate students interested in exploring co-op employment opportunities must schedule an appointment with a co-op coordinator at the Career Education Center to discuss their employment plan and determine if or when they will be eligible to participate.

Co-op Portfolio Credit

Many transfer and returning adult students have spent considerable time in the work world and have experience that would be considered comparable to the co-op experience. Students may have the option of submitting a “co-op portfolio” to document these experiences for consideration for co-op credit. For more information regarding the co-op portfolio credit requirements, contact the Career Education Center. Please refer to the individual school/college listings for the specific requirements for participation in cooperative education.

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