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Mission and Goals
The mission of College of Business Administration is to prepare students to serve business organizations and society with competence, compassion and conscience. The BTM curriculum provides the student with the ability to evaluate the competing interests of all in-depth understanding of the skills necessary to effect a successful turnaround, and the knowledge to transact business in a rapidly evolving world.

Because BTM entails a focused understanding of the field of management under crisis, it will require the individual student to exhibit an exceptional range and depth of thinking under critical situations.

All of us are impacted by troubled business. The courses in BTM offer unique modules of integrated business solutions develop core competencies in turnaround problem-solving and, more importantly, instill in students a deep urgency for ethical and moral imperatives in BTM. The curriculum creates excellent career-building blocks foe managers.

Why Business Turnaround Management?
Currently, close to 40 percent of businesses nationwide are declining, distresses, insolvent or preparing for bankruptcy. It is very likely that during your career you will be directly or indirectly impacted by at least one of these situations. The BTM programs are geared to provide students with the state-of-the-art edge to understand, predict, monitor, halt and even transform corporate failure.

BTM demonstrates to students the need to integrate and utilize all knowledge drawn from various business disciplines to effectively reach the most constructive results. The business disciplines necessary include strong negotiation skills supplemented by in-depth knowledge of crisis cash management, crisis accounting, financial and human resources management, corporate dept restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and takeover management, aggressive marketing, strategies, supply chain management, systems overview, insolvency management and bankruptcy law.

Since most of the corporations are urban, the BTM program is particularly suited to realize the urban mission of our education.

The program seeks a holistic and systemic solution to business turnarounds thus uniquely training students to exercise leadership in rescuing and restructuring ailing businesses and non-profit institutions.

The program empowers students with the ethics of both rescue and restructuring skills management involved in business turnarounds.

Degree Requirements

BTM Courses

MBA 564 Business Turnaround Management 3
BTM 515 Business Law and Bankruptcy Law 3
BTM 520 Motivation and Negotiations Management 3
BTM 540 Crisis Cash and Accounting Management 3
BTM 545 Corporate Restructuring for Business Turnaround 3

"The existence of many troubled companies with continuing operations inspired the creation of a new degree program in turnaround management at the University of Detroit Mercy" (The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2004).

"Until now, turnaround management has been a self-taught field," said Jay Alix, founder of AlixPartners LLC. I think this program is a recognition that turnarounds are here to stay, and companies always need to replenish and improve themselves" (cited in Crain's Detroit Business, October 2004).

The College of Business Administration wishes to thank the turnaround management Steering Committee for their significant role in the development of this curriculum.

  • B. N. Bahadur, BBK
  • osef Bione,DoerenMayhew/Whitehall LLC
  • Michael Colella, Plante & Moran
  • Wolliam Diehel, BBK
  • Richard Gorges, Corporate Restoration
  • Gregory Kelly, Multi Services
  • Robert Koval, AlixPartners LLC
  • Patrick O'Keefe & Associates andPresident, TMA (Detroit Chapter)
  • Oswald A.J. Mascarenhas, S.J., UDM
  • Bahman Mirshab, UDM
  • Kenneth Munn, DaimlerChrysler
  • Richard Wade, Bank one

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