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Waldorf Education is based on the conviction that education must engage and nourish the whole child in body, mind and spirit. Students wishing to become Waldorf teachers pursue a course of study that includes artistic practice, a thorough view of child and adult development, and the study of the encompassing history of the fruits of human thought, feeling and endeavor (the evolution of consciousness). Through constant self-examination and critique, the prospective teacher begins to develop the capacities to understand the dimensions of human experience that lie within the classroom. With this orientation, the Waldorf teacher education student is mentored through the areas of methodology, research, curriculum and administration.

This master's degree program is designed for those wishing to become Waldorf or Walforf-inspired teachers and who have a strong undergraduate degree centered in the liberal arts or sciences. This program is also intended for professionals wishing to deepen their study of education philosophy, curriculum and practice through a Waldorf lens.

This is a field-based program with most courses taken at one of the local Waldorf schools. This program is offered in conjunction with the Waldorf Teacher Development Association, a sponsored member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

Admissions Requirements

The requirements for admission to graduate study in education are a 3.0 average, fulfillment of requirements for a state teaching certificate or a background of education and experience satisfactory to the department, and three letters of recommendation submitted by persons capable of evaluating potential for this field.

Degree Requirements

EDU 513 Principles of Learning, Development & Adjustment (Section WT) 3
EDU 501 Special Topics 3
EDU 525 Educational Policy Studies 3
EDU 516 Curriculum Construction For Elementary Teachers (Section WT) 3
EDU 610 Integration of the Arts (Section WT) 3
EDU 500 Education Research 3
EDU 559 Perceptual and Language Development in the Young Child (Section WT) 3
EDU 609 Advanced Seminar in Curriculum Planning & Administration (Section WT) 3
EDU 639 Action Research Project 3

Suggested Electives:
EDU 596 Program Planning & Evaluation 3
EDU 600 Computer Uses in Education 3
EDU 514 Society & Education 3
SED 560 Mainstreaming Exceptional Persons 3
EDU 443 Teaching Reading in the Elementary/Middle Schools 3

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