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September 7, 2010

Founders Celebration

Founders Celebration events

UDM is abuzz with activity as the academic year begins.  Throughout September, UDM holds Founders Celebration events including Celebrate Spirit!, the official welcome to the new school year for faculty, staff and students, on Thursday, Sept. 23.  Check out the Founders Celebration site for event information.

Avoid e-mail "phishing" scams

Have you ever received an e-mail from UDM or some "system adminstrator" telling you to act on an e-mail problem by supplying your username or password?  If so, it was a fake.  UDM's Information Technology Services never has a need for such information.  Any such request should be treated as complete and total fraud.

This kind of scam is called "phishing," and falling for it can cause significant problems for you and the University.  Find out more about protecting yourself on the Phishing Information page.

UDM Pulse

UDM Pulse is live

UDM Pulse is UDM's new social media dashboard, bringing together UDM content from several online services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as RSS feeds, blogs and UDMcast audio and video.  Check out UDM's social media presence today at udmercy.edu/pulse.

Hollywood comes to McNichols

In August, TV and movie stars Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, Demi Moore and Moore's husband Ashton Kutcher were all on UDM's McNichols Campus.  Moore, Cyrus and a large film crew were on location in UDM's Chemistry Building, shooting scenes for the upcoming feature film, LOL: Laughing Out Loud.  The movie is planned for a 2011 release.  Read more about UDM as a movie set in Spiritus.

Career fair: Fall Recruitment Day, Sept. 28

UDM's Career Education Center will sponsor its most comprehensive career fair on Tuesday, Sept. 28 from 2 to 6 p.m. in the Student Center Fountain Lounge.  Encourage students and alumni from all McNichols Campus majors to attend and talk with recruiters from various industries about entry-level jobs, co-op/paid internships and full-time employment.  For more information, contact Co-Op Coordinator Denise McCormick at denise.mccormick@udmercy.edu or 313-993-1448.

UDM faculty and staff serve during Viewpoints

Thirty faculty and staff members from across UDM came in early on Sept. 1 and 2 to accompany first-year students in UDM's "Viewpoints" program.  All told, UDM was able to contribute about 1,100 hours of service at 27 sites!  UDM Director of Service Learning Tim Hipskind, S.J., said of the volunteers, "Thumbs up for both the help given to the agencies, but also the help to the first-year students in their transition to life at UDM."

Kathy Bush
Kathy Bush

Memorial service for Kathy Bush, Sept. 14

A memorial service will be held in honor of Kathy Bush, former associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Education, on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 3 p.m. in UDM's St. Ignatius Chapel.  Join members of the UDM community in celebrating her life and sharing fond memories.  A reception will follow at 4:15 p.m. in Lansing-Reilly Hall.

Thumbs Up!

Please submit faculty or staff achievements for inclusion in Thumbs Up!  Use the online submission form.

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