February 17, 2019    -    February 23, 2019 (Week 08)
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  * Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Presidents' Day
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Employee Timecards Due
* Busy Persons Retreat
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
        8:30am» Board of Trustees Meeting

9:30am» Admissions Visit

12:00pm» Noon Mass
9:00am   9:00am» President's Day Visit
9:30am» Admissions Visit
9:30am» Presidents' Day Event
      9:00am» Student Government Meeting

10:00am» NSLS Leadership Training Day

1:00pm» CHSL Girls Basketball
1:00pm» Stress Management/Mindfulness/Meditation Session
10:00am 10:30am» Mass
  10:00am» Event Planning Weekly Meeting
10:00am» Pilot Assessment Group Meeting
11:00am   11:15am» Dr. Asha Mukherjee Speaks: Utopia & Reality

12:00pm» Board of Trustees Meeting
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:15pm» Blankets 4 Kids
12:45pm» Campus Kitchen Raise the Dough Food Festival
12:45pm» McNichols Faculty Assembly

1:00pm» Orientation Leader Interview

4:00pm» Dr. Asha Mukherjee Speaks on Comparative Study of Religions
4:30pm» 4:30 Mass

5:00pm» Delta Private Meeting
12:00pm   12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:45pm» Homecoming Meeting
12:45pm» Orientation Leader Interviews

1:00pm» CLC Meeting
12:00pm» Mission Effectiveness Team Meeting
12:00pm» Noon Mass
1:00pm       1:00pm» NJSLC Weekly Meeting
2:00pm   2:00pm» Fullbright Program Visit
2:30pm» JED Alcohol Awareness Meeting

3:30pm» Admissions Visit

4:30pm» 4:30 Mass
4:30pm» Crystal Fleming: Student Talk

5:30pm» Crystal Fleming: Private Green Room

6:00pm» NSLS Orientation
6:45pm» Crystal Fleming

7:30pm» Ministry Monday
2:00pm» Anti-Racism Committee
2:00pm» Women & Gender Studies Meeting

4:00pm» An Outrage - An Award Winning Documentary - Black History Month Event
4:00pm» The History of Jainism and the Moral and Social Implications of Jaina Logic
4:30pm» 4:30 Mass
3:00pm 3:00pm» Broadside Lotus Press Poets' Theatre
4:00pm 4:30pm» 4:30 Mass
5:00pm 5:00pm» Private Meeting

7:00pm» Eucharistic Adoration
5:00pm» Operation Friendship
5:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Member Induction
5:30pm» AKA Meeting

8:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Movie Night
7:00pm 7:00pm» APO Student Learning
7:00pm» Greek Council Meeting
7:00pm» Mental Health Awareness Seminar
7:00pm» NSLS Speaker Broadcast - Followed by Student Networking Team Meeting
9:00pm 9:00pm» 9pm Student Mass