November 25, 2018    -    December 1, 2018 (Week 48)
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Dec 1

  * Busy Persons Retreat
* Intramural Futsal
* Intramural Volleyball
  * Intramural Volleyball
* AKA Yoga
* Intramural Futsal
  * Employee Timecards Due
* Alternative Spring Break Applications Due
7:00am 7:45am» PA Clin Med Class

8:00am» Mass

10:30am» Mass
8:00am           8:00am» TRiO Upward Bound Program
9:00am 9:30am» Admissions Visit
  9:00am» Educational Technology Meeting

10:00am» Professional Development for the University of Detroit Jesuit High School

11:00am» Admissions

12:00pm» Interviews for Orientation Directors
12:00pm» Yoga with Jim
12:30pm» LNLMCDC

1:00pm» Forgotten Harvest Mobile Pantry Food Distribution at Lakeridge Village

2:00pm» AcademicWorks Meeting
2:00pm» Student Life Meeting

3:00pm» Student Affairs Meeting

4:00pm» Interviews for Orientation Directors

5:00pm» Detroit Mercy Night at Little Caesars Arena
5:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
5:30pm» Butts & Guts with Samantha

7:00pm» English Department Movie Night
7:00pm» Men's Basketball Game
9:30am» Admissions Visit

10:00am» Res Life Meeting With the Dean
9:30am» Admissions Visit
9:00am» NPC Recruitment
10:00am 10:00am» Student Affairs Outcomes Meeting
11:00am   11:30am» Mission Effectiveness Team Meeting

12:00pm» Lunchtime Euchre
  11:00am» Service Immersion Trip/IFTJ Concession Stands

1:00pm» Celebration for the Nurse Anesthesia Graduates

3:30pm» Service Immersion Trip/IFTJ Concession Stands

6:00pm» Chopp-Sullivan Wedding
12:00pm   12:00pm» Pilates with Kaitlin
12:00pm» Pre Med Club Meeting
12:45pm» CLC Meeting
12:45pm» Financial Literacy

1:00pm» ITS Training: Photo Editing Using GIMP
1:30pm» Winter Blast Meeting
12:00pm» JED Campus Committee Meeting
12:00pm» POW Camps in World War II
12:00pm» Produce Deliveries on Princeton Street
12:45pm» Writing Center Open House

1:00pm» Interview Preparation Workshop
1:30pm» Department of Social Work Fall Advisory Board Meeting

2:00pm» Interviews for Orientation Directors

3:15pm» Vigil for Immigrants and Refugees
3:30pm» NJSLC Team Meetings

5:00pm» 3v3 Basketball Tournament
5:00pm»  Diwali Celebration
5:30pm» HIIT with Matt

6:00pm» Chopp-Sullivan Wedding
1:00pm   1:30pm» APA Site Visit
1:00pm» Study Group
3:00pm   3:30pm» Admissions Visit

4:00pm» Student Affairs Meeting

5:30pm» Kettlebell Fitness with Susan
  3:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
3:30pm» Admissions Visit

4:30pm» African & Caribbean Student Organization Meeting

5:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
5:30pm» Bootcamp with Barraka

6:00pm» MSON Transition Ceremony
6:30pm» Run Group!

7:00pm» Women's Basektball Game

8:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Business Meeting
5:00pm   5:30pm» Dance Remix with Crystal

6:00pm» BOOST
6:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
6:45pm» Total Body Strength with Crystal
8:00pm   8:00pm» Greek Council Meeting
9:00pm 9:00pm» 9pm Student Mass