October 21, 2018    -    October 27, 2018 (Week 43)
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  * Busy Persons Retreat
* Intramural Futsal
* AKAnomics' Getting to the Money
* Intramural Volleyball
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* AKApella - Lip Sync Battle
* Admissions Meeting
* Intramural Futsal
* Busy Persons Retreat
* AKArobics - Zumba
* Intramural Volleyball
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Winter Break Service Trip Applications Due
* Student Payroll Timecards Due
* Busy Persons Retreat
7:00am         7:30am» Forgotten Harvest Mobile Pantry Food Distribution at Project Healthy Community
7:45am» PA Clin Med Class

8:00am» Board of Trustees Meeting
8:30am» Executive Steering Committee

9:30am» Admissions Visit

10:00am» NJSLC Meeting

11:00am» Resident Life Meeting

12:00pm» Lunchtime Euchre
12:45pm» Alpha Kappa Alpha Bake Sale
12:45pm» Dr. Beth Blissman Speaks on Community Engaged Research & Learning
12:45pm» Office of Title IX and DPS Meeting
12:45pm» TRIO Student Support Services Adivsing

1:00pm» Study Group

3:30pm» Admissions Visit

4:30pm» African & Caribbean Student Organization Meeting

5:00pm» Board Reception/Dinner
5:00pm» Cyber Security Club October Meeting
5:00pm» Detroit Mercy Cyber Security Meeting
5:30pm» A Taste of Latinoamérica 2018
5:30pm» Bootcamp with Barraka
5:30pm» Butler-Gaylord Wedding

6:00pm» How to Build a Professional Image
6:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
6:30pm» Hurt-Toyzan Wedding
6:30pm» Run Group!

8:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Business Meeting
7:30am» Board of Trustees Meeting

9:00am» Planning Meeting
9:30am» Admissions Visit

12:00pm» Produce Deliveries on Princeton Street
12:45pm» Office of Title IX and DPS Meeting

1:00pm» Homecoming Meeting

3:00pm» Safety Street
3:15pm» Vigil for Immigrants and Refugees
3:30pm» NJSLC Team Meetings

4:00pm» Hurt-Toyzan

5:30pm» HIIT with Matt

6:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
6:30pm» Halloween Dance - NJSLC

7:00pm» Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
  8:30am» Admissions Meeting

11:00am» Clinical Psychology PhD Program Practicum Fair
11:00am» Flu Shots

12:30pm» International Hour
12:30pm» Midterm De-Stress
12:45pm» Office of Title IX and DPS Meeting

1:00pm» Catholic Life Community
1:00pm» Men's Soccer Game

5:30pm» Dance Remix with Crystal

6:00pm» BOOST
6:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Meeting
6:45pm» Total Body Strength with Crystal

7:00pm» AKApella Lip Sync Battle
7:00pm» NSLS Speaker Broadcast
  8:00am» Engineering & Science Admissions Presentation
8:00am» TRiO Upward Bound Program
9:00am   9:30am» Admissions Visit
10:00am 10:00am» PAL Cheer
10:30am» Mass
10:00am» Professional Development for the University of Detroit Jesuit High School

12:00pm» Yoga with Jim
12:30pm» AAID LNL

1:00pm» Forgotten Harvest Mobile Pantry Food Distribution at Lakeridge Village

2:30pm» Beth Blissman speaks on

3:00pm» Student Affairs Meeting
3:15pm» Students Affairs Professional Development

4:30pm» Boxing Gym
4:30pm» Student Nurses Association

5:00pm» Cyber Security Club October Meeting
5:30pm» Butts & Guts with Samantha

6:00pm» Nursing Alumni Mentoring
6:45pm» Beth Blissman speaks on

7:00pm» English Department Movie Night
12:00pm   12:00pm» Pilates with Kaitlin
1:00pm 1:00pm» Women's Soccer Game
3:00pm 3:00pm» Broadside Lotus Press Poets' Theatre
3:30pm» Admissions Visit
3:00pm» Butler-Gaylord Wedding
5:00pm 5:00pm» Dewitt C. Holbrook Lecture on Social Justice
5:30pm» Kettlebell Fitness with Susan
6:00pm 6:00pm» Honors Induction Ceremony
6:00pm» Latin Night

7:00pm» AKAnomics:
7:30pm» Postgraduate Service Manual

8:00pm» Greek Council Meeting
9:00pm 9:00pm» 9pm Student Mass