September 30, 2018    -    October 6, 2018 (Week 40)
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    * Simchat Torah - Jewish Holiday
* Intramural Volleyball
* Simchat Torah - Jewish Holiday
* Intramural Volleyball
  * Employee Timecards Due
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
8:00am» Vigil For Immigrants and Refugees
8:30am» Treasury Presents: Navigating Your Business
8:30am» Treasury Presents: Navigating Your New Business

11:00am» CLAE Day

12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:30pm» NSLS Orientation

1:30pm» Detroit Mercy Live Meeting

2:00pm» ITS Training: Introduction to Microsoft OneNote

3:00pm» Men's Soccer Game
3:30pm» Webinar

5:30pm» Dance Remix with Crystal

6:30pm»  AKA Study Tables
6:45pm» Total Body Strength with Crystal
9:00am   9:30am» Admissions Visit
9:30am» Student Team Meeting
  9:00am» Round Table Discussion
9:30am» Admissions Visit

10:00am» Campus Labs Meeting
9:30am» Admissions Visit

10:00am» Michigan Collegiate High School Group Visit

12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Produce Deliveries on Princeton Street

1:30pm» Architecture Dinner

2:00pm» SOA Strategic Planning Meeting
2:15pm» Strategic Planning Meeting

3:15pm» Vigil for Immigrants and Refugees
3:30pm» NJSLC Team Meetings

5:30pm» HIIT with Matt

6:00pm» DeAngelis-Qing Wedding
9:00am» Urban Gardening at MoFlo

10:00am» NSLS Leadership Training Day

11:00am» Women's Brunch

1:00pm» Men's Soccer Game

4:00pm» DeAngelis-Qing Wedding
4:00pm» Women's Soccer Game
10:00am 10:00am» Women's Lacrosse Clinic
10:30am» Mass
12:00pm 12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Pilates with Kaitlin
12:00pm» Pre Med Club Meeting
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Yoga with Jim
12:00pm» Lunchtime Euchre
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:30pm» Quicken Loans and Meridian Health Information Session
12:45pm» McNichols Faculty Assembly

1:00pm» Study Group
1:00pm   1:00pm» Health Professions Career & Networking Fair
1:30pm» Campus Communicators Group Meeting

2:00pm» Student Life Meeting
3:00pm   3:00pm» Dining, Student Affairs, ResLife, Facilities Mgt Meeting
3:30pm» Admissions Visit
  3:30pm» Admissions Visit

4:30pm» African & Caribbean Student Organization Meeting

5:30pm» Bootcamp with Barraka
5:30pm» UDJ Parent-Teacher Conferences

6:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Information Session
6:30pm» Iota Phi Theta: Meet the Browns Event
6:30pm» Run Group!

8:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Business Meeting
4:00pm   4:00pm» NPHC Meeting

5:30pm» Butts & Guts with Samantha
5:30pm» UDJ Parent-Teacher Conferences

6:45pm» “My Involvement in the Struggle for Justice and Peace” - Joe Mulligan, S.J.
5:00pm   5:30pm» Kettlebell Fitness with Susan
9:00pm 9:00pm» 9pm Student Mass
9:15pm» President's Council Meeting