February 18, 2018    -    February 24, 2018 (Week 08)
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  * Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Presidents' Day
* Busy Persons Retreat
    * Employee Timecards Due
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
      8:30am» Executive Steering Committee

9:45am» Admissions Tour Presentation
  8:30am» DAPCEP Courses

9:00am» NSLS Leadership Training Day

10:00am» Aspire IT: Girls Are IT!
10:00am» Discover the D

12:00pm» Investment Club Meeting
12:00pm» Varsity News Preview
12:30pm» Alumni Chili Cook-Off

2:00pm» MBB vs. Green Bay

5:30pm» Danielle McGuire At the Dark End of the Street:
9:00am   9:00am» President's day Visit
9:30am» Student Team Meeting
9:45am» Admissions Tour Presentation
9:45am» 30 Minute Mentors

12:30pm» NSLS Orientation
12:35pm» Day of Giving: Time, Talent, & Treasure
12:45pm» Day of Giving Information Table
12:45pm» Spiritual Life Communities
  9:45am» Admissions Tour Presentation
10:00am 10:30am» Mass
10:00am» University Ministry Meeting

11:30am» Metz Meeting

12:00pm» Orientation Leader Interviews
12:00pm» Soup & Substance
12:30pm» Wednesday Prayer Service

2:00pm» Homecoming Meeting
12:00pm     12:45pm» Group Process Make Up
12:45pm» Student Government Association

1:00pm» College of Engineering & Science Career and Co-op Fair

2:00pm» Orientation Leader Interviews
2:45pm» Admissions Tour Presentation
12:00pm» Orientation Leader Training

1:00pm» CBA Mission Retreat
1:00pm» Resume Advance
1:00pm» Skills Session BLS – Basic Life Support

2:00pm» Strategic Planning Group

7:00pm» Alpha Phi Alpha
7:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta
1:00pm 1:00pm» CHSL Girls Championships

2:00pm» Baby Shower- Maurice Calhoun

3:00pm» Broadside Lotus Press Poets' Theatre
2:00pm 2:45pm» Admissions Tour Presentation
3:00pm 3:00pm» Graduate Nursing Open House

4:00pm» Dine with the Director Meeting
4:00pm 4:30pm» Nurse Anesthesia Information Session

5:00pm» Creative Writing Get Together

6:00pm» Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Study Group

7:00pm» Kristan Hawkins: Planned Parenthood
7:00pm» WBB vs. Oakland
7:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta

9:15pm» APO General Meeting
9:15pm» President's Council
  4:30pm» Alternative Spring Break Meeting
5:00pm 5:00pm» Black History Month Alumni Reception
5:30pm» Alumni Board Meeting

7:00pm» Born in the Struggle
7:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta
7:30pm» Catholic Ministry
5:00pm» Campus Kitchen: Taste of Diversity

6:00pm» Professional Development Autism Alliance of Michigan
6:30pm» Service Trip Meeting

7:00pm» Fashion Show Practice
7:00pm» In Our Own Voice-National Alliance on Mental Illness
7:00pm» MBB vs. Milwaukee
7:00pm» Phi Beta Sigma Meeting
7:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta

9:30pm» Greek Council