February 11, 2018    -    February 17, 2018 (Week 07)
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  * Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Metz Interviews
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Ash Wednesday
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Valentine's Day
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Student Payroll Timecards Due
* Busy Persons Retreat
* Discover the D
7:00am       7:00am» Student Nursing Meeting
    7:00am» RA/Orientation Leader Meeting

8:30am» DAPCEP Courses

12:00pm» Investment Club Meeting
12:00pm» Leadership Training Day
12:30pm» Cuba Orientation

1:00pm» WBB vs. IUPUI
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
9:00am   9:45am» Admissions Tour Presentation
    9:00am» University Advancement Staff Meeting
9:45am» Admissions Tour Presentation
9:45am» Admissions Tour Presentation

10:00am» NJSLC Meeting
10:00am 10:30am» Mass
11:00am       11:30am» University Ministry Service Trip Meeting

12:00pm» Admissions Meeting
12:00pm» Mock Law Class
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:45pm» Student Government Association

2:45pm» Admissions Tour Presentation
12:00pm   12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Notre Dame Prep Visit
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:45pm» Developing a Personal Leadership Mission Statement
12:45pm» Spiritual Life Communities

1:00pm» Metz-Res Life Meeting
12:00pm» Noon Mass
12:00pm» Noon Mass
1:00pm   1:00pm» Love Stories for the Underground Railroad
1:00pm» Interview Preparation
2:00pm   2:30pm» Grad School Interview
2:45pm» Admissions Tour Presentation

3:00pm» Student Affairs Meeting
2:00pm» Admissions Webinar
2:00pm» Monica Meeting
  2:30pm» Strategic Planning Group Meeting

3:00pm» University Ministry Meeting

5:00pm» PSL Championships

6:00pm» Chinese New Year Celebration

7:00pm» Alpha Phi Alpha
7:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta Training
4:00pm 4:00pm» Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Meeting
5:00pm 5:30pm» NSLS Orientation

6:00pm» AKA Sorority Meeting

9:15pm» APO General Meeting
9:15pm» President's Council
6:00pm 6:00pm» NSLS Spring Broadcast

7:00pm» The Henry Box Magician
  6:30pm» Service Trip Meeting

7:00pm» Fashion Show Practice
7:00pm» WBB vs. UIC
7:00pm» Zeta Phi Beta

9:30pm» Greek Council
7:00pm   7:30pm» Catholic Ministry

8:00pm» Fashion Show Practice