October 22, 2017    -    October 28, 2017 (Week 43)
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  * Busy Person's Retreat
* Busy Person's Retreat
* Mid-term Grades are Due
* Busy Person's Retreat
* Busy Person's Retreat
* Busy Person's Retreat
* Busy Person's Retreat
* Woman's Soccer Game
* Student Payroll Timecards Due
* Busy Person's Retreat
* Men's Soccer Game
6:00am         6:30am» Engineering Panel Discussion

8:30am» Executive Steering Committee

9:00am» Detroit Cristo Rey Grade 10 Retreat
9:45am» Admissions Tour Group

12:00pm» 2017 Health Fair
12:45pm» AAUW Start Smart Negotiation Workshop - Part 2
12:45pm» Biology Club Meeting
12:45pm» Yoga

1:00pm» Cyber Security
1:15pm» Academic Affairs Committee

2:45pm» Admissions Tour Groups

3:00pm» Campaign Kick Off Coat Room
3:00pm» Enrollment and Student Affairs Committee

5:00pm» Detroit Mercy Board of Trustees
5:30pm» Abs

6:00pm» Campaign Kickoff
6:00pm» Center for Social Entrepreneurship Weekly Boost Meeting
6:00pm» Safety Street Facade Building Party
6:15pm» Bootcamp
7:00am         7:30am» Detroit Mercy DM Board of Trustees Meeting

9:45am» Admissions Tour Group
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
    8:30am» Detroit Mercy Law Day Fair

9:00am» Detroit Cristo Rey Grade 10 Retreat

10:00am» Professional Development for UDJ High School
10:15am» CEC Campus Labs

12:00pm» Tourism in Jordan - Visiting Fulbright Scholar
12:00pm» Yoga
12:30pm» Ministry Prayer Service
12:45pm» Amber Johnson

5:00pm» Attitudes toward Oral Contraceptive Use in Jordanian Females
5:30pm» Kettleball

6:15pm» Butts and Guts

7:30pm» Gamma Phi Beta Meeting
9:00am   9:45am» Admissions Tour Group
  9:00am» DAPCEP Fall Program
10:00am 10:30am» Mass
11:00am   11:30am» Psychology Practicum Fair

12:35pm» FAFSA Workshop
12:45pm» AAUW Start Smart Negotiation Workshop- Part 1
12:45pm» Student Nursing Association Meeting
12:45pm» University Ministry Spiritual Life Community

1:00pm» Alpha Sigma Nu Film & Discussion
1:00pm» Spectrum Weekly Group Meeting
12:00pm   12:30pm» MSON Program
12:30pm» Student Nursing Association Meeting

2:45pm» Admissions Tour Groups
  12:00pm» Investment Club Meeting
2:00pm   2:45pm» Admissions Tour Groups

3:00pm» Making the Most of Your TitanCareerLink Account
3:30pm» Faculty/Staff Alumni Gathering

4:30pm» Safety Street

5:00pm» WARY Program

6:30pm» Chinese Christian Fellowship
6:30pm» Marlon Ector Meeting
6:30pm» Spooktacular

7:00pm» Jeff Cohen and His Film
5:00pm   5:30pm» Yoga
5:30pm» Total Body Strength

6:30pm» Brown Women of Detroit Mercy Meeting
6:45pm» Barre

7:00pm» NSLS News Broadcast

8:00pm» Irish Dance Club Practice
6:00pm 6:30pm» University Honors Induction Banquet

7:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Meeting
7:30pm» RCIA Classes

9:00pm» 9pm Student Mass
8:00pm   8:30pm» Boo Bass Festival