October 15, 2017    -    October 21, 2017 (Week 42)
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Oct 21

  * Ciara Viola Engagement Photo Shoot
  * Men's Soccer Game
    * Deadline for Winter Service Trip Applications
* Employee Timecards Due
* Men's Soccer Game
* Woman's Soccer Game
8:00am 8:00am» Mass
        8:30am» Clinical Medicine I

9:45am» Admissions Tour Group
9:00am   9:30am» Student Team Meeting
9:45am» Admissions Tour Group

10:00am» SNA Fall Blood Drive

2:45pm» Admissions Tour Groups
    9:45am» Admissions Tour Group

10:00am» Homecoming Debrief

11:30am» Diwali Lunch Celebration

12:45pm» Effective Communication in the Work Force
12:45pm» Yoga

2:45pm» Admissions Tour Groups
9:00am» DAPCEP Fall Program
9:00am» Detroit Mercy Service Plunge
9:00am» State of the Economy Symposium

12:00pm» Investment Club Meeting

2:00pm» Irwin-Dietrick Wedding Parking
10:00am 10:30am» Mass
10:00am» SNA Fall Blood Drive

12:45pm» Reservation
12:45pm» Rising to the Top: Best Practices for Applying with Employers
12:45pm» University Ministry Spiritual Life Community

1:00pm» Spectrum Weekly Group Meeting
10:00am» University Ministry Meeting
10:45am» Introduction to Microsoft OneNote
12:00pm   12:00pm» ERP Meeting
12:00pm» Interfaith Meet & Mingle
12:00pm» Yoga
12:30pm» Ministry Prayer Service
2:00pm     2:00pm» Strategic Plan, Budget, Facilities and Safety Team Meeting
2:45pm» Admissions Tour Groups
3:00pm 3:00pm» Broadside Lotus Press Poets' Theatre
3:00pm» Holiday Giving Coordination/Hunger and Homelessness Week

4:00pm» Dine with the Director
5:00pm 5:30pm» Yoga
5:00pm» Hindu YUVA presents Chai Night
5:30pm» ELP Leadership Slam
5:30pm» Total Body Strength

6:00pm» Latin Night
6:30pm» Brown Women of Detroit Mercy Meeting
6:45pm» Barre

7:00pm» NSLS News Broadcast

8:00pm» Irish Dance Club Practice
5:30pm» Alumni Board Meeting
5:30pm» Kettleball

6:15pm» Butts and Guts
6:15pm» U of M Pre-PA Club Info Session

7:30pm» Gamma Phi Beta Meeting
5:30pm» Abs
5:00pm» WARY Program

6:00pm» Delta Sigma Theta Meeting
6:00pm» Irwin Dietrick Wedding Parking
6:30pm» Chinese Christian Fellowship
6:00pm   6:00pm» Center for Social Entrepreneurship Weekly Boost Meeting
6:00pm» Women & Gender Studies Program 25th Anniversary Celebration
6:15pm» Bootcamp

7:00pm» Diwali Lamps Display
7:00pm 7:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Meeting
7:30pm» RCIA Classes
9:00pm 9:00pm» 9pm Student Mass