October 21, 2012    -    October 27, 2012 (Week 43)
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  * Set-up/Break-down for Gesu
    * Mission Micro Grant Applications Due
* Set-up/Break-down for Gesu
* Set-up/Break-down for Gesu
* Set-up/Break-down for Gesu
* WGS Student Grant Applications Due
* Set-up/Break-down for Gesu
* Gesu Dinner Dance
8:00am   8:00am» Gamma Phi Beta

9:30am» Student Team Meeting
    8:00am» ANE 5490 Principles of Anesthesia
10:00am         10:00am» EDU Training Session
11:00am         11:00am» ANE 5491 Preoperative Physical Assessment
12:00pm     12:35pm» Arab Student Union
12:45pm» Career Education Center

1:00pm» Gay-Straight Alliance
1:00pm» Quicken Loans: Successful Interviewing Techniques/How to Dress for Success
1:00pm» Succesful Interviewing Techniques/How to Dress for Success
12:10pm» Lunchtime Abs
12:45pm» Economics Club
12:45pm» Student Social Work Association
12:00pm» Bootcamp with Grafton
1:00pm       1:00pm» DTE Employer Feedback Session

4:00pm» 23rd Annual Safety Street

6:00pm» Guest Speaker
2:00pm   2:00pm» College of Health Professions

3:00pm» Total Body Blast
3:00pm   3:00pm» Total Body Blast
4:00pm     4:15pm» Career Education Center
4:30pm» Succesful Interviewing Techniques/How to Dress for Success
4:30pm» Truven Health Analytics: Successful Interviewing Techniques/Dress for Success

5:00pm» Healthy Dating Panel
5:00pm» Student Life- Healthy Dating Relationships
5:30pm» Body Blast Fitness

6:00pm» Alpha Kappa Alpha

7:00pm» David Gibson speaking
7:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
7:00pm» Phi Beta Sigma

8:00pm» Kappa Beta Gamma

9:00pm» Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
9:00pm» Kappa Beta Gamma
9:00pm» Sigma Sigma Sigma Meeting
5:00pm   5:30pm» Body Blast Fitness
  5:00pm» Zumba with Nadia
6:00pm   6:00pm» Kappa Delta Rho

7:00pm» David Gibson Lecture
7:00pm» The Dilemma of the Catholic Voter: Faith, Politics and the Church in 2012

9:00pm» Kappa Beta Gamma
9:00pm» Kappa Delta Rho
  6:30pm» UDM Law Centennial Gala
7:00pm   7:00pm» Drop-in Yoga
7:00pm» Precious Knowledge - Lecture: Dr. Chiara Cannella
7:00pm» Safety Street

8:00pm» CLASA Film

9:00pm» Sigma Sigma Sigma Meeting
9:15pm» Greek Council
9:00pm 9:00pm» Student Mass
9:00pm» Kappa Delta Rho
9:00pm» Sigma Sigma Sigma Meeting
9:15pm» Sigma Pi
9:00pm» Sigma Sigma Sigma Meeting