Monday, February 3, 2014
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  Busy Persons Retreat
In the traditions of Catherine McAuley and Ignatius of Loyola, University Ministry invites all students to participate in this exciting retreat opportunity. Do You… •Need time out from your busy schedule? •Desire an opportunity to reflect on your life and where you are going? •Want to grow in your prayer life? If you identify with any of these statements, how about trying this personalized retreat, tailored to meet your schedule? •Take just 30 minutes a day for prayer & reflection •Meet daily with a spiritual guide; •All arranged at a time and place convenient for you! This retreat is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, the Jesuits, and University Ministry. It is necessary to register for the retreat in advance. To register, stop by University Ministry. If you'd like further information, contact Sr. Katherine Hill, RSM, in University Ministry. You may reach her at 993-1560 or at kahillrsm@comcast.net or ministry@udmercy.edu.

8:00am [8:00am] America's Marketing High School- Superbowl Event
Join 150 high school students from Oakland County to discuss the advertisements from last night's Superbowl

[8:00am] Dental In-Service
TOPIC: Effective Visual Presentation PRESENTER(S): M. Verdusco AUDIENCE: All Faculty

[12:00pm] ACLSA Meeting
Law School

[12:00pm] Men's Lacrosse vs. Albion, Hill Academy
Men's Lacrosse vs. Albion, Hill Academy

[1:00pm] Muslim Student Organization Bake Sale
Drop by the library on Monday, February 3rd from 1-3PM and join some of the friendly and awesome Muslim Student Organization members to learn the truth about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)! There will be FREE baked goodies to snack on while you learn about the Final Messenger of Islam!

4:00pm [4:30pm] Mass
University Ministry Mass

[5:00pm] Couch To 5k Fitness Class
Couch To 5k- For the novice distance runner, this Couch To 5k program is more than just jogging the track. Put your body to the test as you increase your endurance, lung capacity and overall health. Matt completed the Couch To 5k program in 2010, and has put his own spin on it, making it a total body workout with an emphasis on running. Drop pounds, build muscle, and feel great. Every Monday at 5-6pm

[5:30pm] Evening Yoga Class, Dental
If you are interested in participating in an evening yoga class, please join us! We will be meeting in the TV room on the 4th floor in the classroom building (turn right off the elevator). The yoga instructor is Ms. Dia Johnson, RYT. Ms. Johnson studied yoga in India. If you are interested in learning more about her, please view her website www.alifeaware.com Plan $12 per session, but final arrangements will be determined once we know how many people will be joining us. If we have enough participants, the fee may be $10.

[6:00pm] Abs with Brandon Fitness Class
Abs w/ Brandon- A medium to high intensity fat burning ab workout meant to sculp and strengthen your midsection. Don't miss out on our newest class from one of our up and coming fitness instructors, Brandon. Join Brandon on Monday and Wednesday at 6-6:30pm!

[6:30pm] "Memory House" Auditions
The Theatre Company is having open auditions for Females for our last production of our 43rd season! Interested in auditioning? Contact the Director: David L. Regal. Scripts available in Theatre Company Ticket office. Memory House: March 28-April 6 in the UDM Grounds Coffeehaus! On New Year's Eve a mother bakes a pie as her adopted daughter tries to finish her college essay. As the New Year and the deadline looms, unexamined issues of the girls’ adoption, the rupture of her parent’s divorce, and fear of leaving home break through the surface. Memory House explores the past in the face of an unknown future and is a funny and moving story about the meaning of family in our contemporary society.

[7:00pm] Yoga Fitness Class
Yoga- Jim teaches a class designed to give students the experience of yoga as a journey. Using breath, posture, and movement, there is an opportunity to explore our bodies and minds using that deeper breath as a guide. Practice in this environment is full of playfullnes, and even laughter, but it also affords a time for quiet inner reflection. Come breathe with us on Mondays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 12 noon inside the Fitness Center.

9:00pm [9:30pm] Kappa Delta Rho
Kappa Delta Rho