ID cards

Parking & ID Center
Student Center
(near west entrance)
Parking & ID site

All students are issued UDM picture identification cards (ID cards) to ensure proper access to campus facilities. Your student ID card is not only for identification. It also allows you to:

  • check out books from the UDM Library
  • use game equipment in the Student Center game room
  • purchase Theatre Company tickets at the student rate
  • attend UDM home athletic events for free
  • buy food from your UDM meal plan
ID card

How to get your ID card

To get your ID card, bring the following items to the Parking & ID Center in the Student Center:

  • a copy of your class schedule for the current term
  • your driver's license or state ID card

The above items must be viewed in person by a member of the Parking & ID Center staff. You will also need to fill out a form.


Your UDM student ID card must be validated each term with a small validation sticker. To validate your ID card for the term, bring a printout of your class schedule for the current term to the Parking & ID Center.

Lost cards

If you lose your student ID card, check with the Parking & ID Center to see if it has been turned in. There is a $20 charge for a replacement ID card. If you find a lost ID card, please turn it in to the Parking & ID Center.

More information

For more details on your ID card, see the Parking & ID Center web page.