Important Information for Transfer students (F-1 visa holders) within the United States

Transfer students (F-1 visa holders) within the United States

If you already have an F-1 visa and wish to transfer from another U.S. university to the University of Detroit Mercy, you must first request a Transfer Information Release Form from the University of Detroit Mercy by emailing Ms. Veronica Beltran at Once you fill out the UDM Transfer Information Release Form, you will need to send this form to the foreign student advisor at your current school to inform them of your intention to transfer to UDM. If you are eligible to transfer per immigration regulations, your university will release your F-1 record to UDM, UDM will then issue you a new I-20 when you arrive at UDM to attend the UDM International Student Orientation. If you plan to travel outside the U.S., you will notify both your current university and our university's Admissions Office, we will issue the I-20 before your departure for you to schedule an appointment with the US Embassy at your home country. Students who wish to transfer to UDM must also submit a bank statement and a sponsor form if someone other than yourself is sponsoring you.  

Important Note: If you plan to travel outside of the U.S. after finishing your studies and before beginning classes at UDM, you will need to obtain an I-20 from UDM before departing from the U.S. When you reenter the U.S., you must present the I-20 issued by UDM to the immigration officer at the port of entry. Do not reenter the U.S. using the I-20 from you former school. Please inform ISO of your travel plans well in advance of your departure date to insure timely issuance of the I-20 from UDM.

Please note that you are required to report to UDM's International Services Office (ISO) when you are no longer attending classes and within 15 days of the beginning of the term at UDM to sign your UDM I-20 and so that we may make copies of your visa, passport, and I-94 card, as well as sign you up for the University’s required health insurance plan, if needed (read more on this below). The ISO is located on the ground floor of the Reno Hall Building. Check-in hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For a map of the Campus and directions, click here.


Now that you have been admitted to UDM as a transfer student on an F-1 visa, understand that a major purpose of the ISO is to assess your English proficiency level to ensure as best we can that you will have no unnecessary difficulty in your academic coursework due to poor English comprehension and conversational abilities. Therefore, we expect you to either show satisfactory English language proficiency according to the criteria established by our University as indicated on UDM's Website by presenting an official TOFEL or IELTS score report  to ISO when you report to ISO or you will be asked to take an ESL placement test during ISO International Student Orientation.

If you submitted documentation to the admissions counselor prior to your admissions that indicated you met one of the criteria outlined on the UDM Website or, if you bring passing TOEFL or IELTS scores to the Campus with you when you report to ISO, you will be exempt from taking the ESL placement test. Otherwise, we will provide you the required English proficiency testing via the ACT Compass ESL test and register you to the American Language and Culture Program according to the test results.


Every semester, ISO sponsors an International Student Orientation that all international students are required to attend. Detailed ISO International Student Schedule will be posted once it is finalized. 


While you may already be familiar with the immigration rules governing your F-1 student visa, as a refresher, before you come to UDM to commence your education, you should take some time to become familiar with what you will have to do to maintain your immigration status. In short, to maintain your F-1 status, you will be required to enroll in a full course of study throughout your program. A full course of study is defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree and post-degree) students and 9 credit hours for graduate (Master’s or doctoral degree) students. You must be enrolled full-time in the Fall (September) and Winter (January) Terms each academic year. Summer is normally a vacation term. However, if you begin your studies in May, you must be full-time that summer only. You will receive detailed information on this and other immigration requirements at the orientation session.

Students who are informed are not likely to experience significant difficulties with immigration requirements. Please remember that the staff at the International Services Office will be available to provide information and assistance to you throughout your stay at UDM. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please call, fax, or e-mail our staff below.


University-sponsored housing is only available on the McNichols Campus, and we can only house admitted students. If you plan to live on the UDM McNichols Campus, you are strongly advised to make arrangements for housing before you arrive. Applications for housing should be submitted online for the Fall (September) Term no later than July 14; for the Winter (January) Term, no later than December 1; and for the May Term, no later than April 7. All applications will be processed and students who submit a residence hall contract will be expected to live in the halls for the academic year. If you have questions about on-campus housing before your arrival to UDM, contact the International Admissions Counselor. If you plan to move into your dorm on campus prior to the date as indicated at item #5 on page one of your I-20, let your admissions counselor know in as much advanced time as possible so that your housing on campus may be ready for your arrival. For frequently asked questions about living on the McNichols Campus, visit here.

For frequently asked questions about what a Residence Hall dorm room is furnished with and what you must supply, visit here.

While UDM cannot and does not endorse off-campus housing, if you plan to or need to seek off-campus housing (perhaps because you have family coming to the U.S. with you), you may wish to search for local places to stay before searching for an appartment or house to rent.

If you plan to live on campus and to purchase food at the UDM dining facilities, plan to have some cash available to pay per diem for food and housing before your semester begins: September 6 for Fall, January 7 for Winter, and May 7 for spring/summer. Student athletes may contact your coach for additional details.


International students are required to purchase the University’s health insurance coverage unless they can present proof of current insurance coverage under one of the following: 1) government-sponsored insurance from one of the following countries: Botswana, Canada, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or UAE; 2) insurance through a spouse’s U.S. employer.

If you believe you have current eligible alternate coverage, please be prepared to present your insurance card or other document from the insurance company at check-in. The ISO will determine eligibility of alternate coverage. Students who purchase the University’s health insurance plan will be billed for the premium by the Student Accounting office at a later date. More detailed information is available at check-in. 

Finally, the University requires international students (except those born and raised in Canada) to have a TB skin test performed at the UDM Health Center when they arrive on campus. You will receive further information on this when you report to ISO.

We are looking forward to seeing you at University of Detroit Mercy!

International Services Office

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