International Services Office


Our Mission

ISO serves the UDM community and the Detroit area and, in alignment with the greater UDM mission, enriches the quality of life of all UDM students, provides immigration and academic support to non-immigrant students and faculty, fosters cultural understanding and awareness through practical and creative experiences, and advances a campus culture that admires and celebrates the diversity of UDM’s rich global viewpoints. 

What we do: 

  1. Provide information, advice and assistance in matters of immigration to prospective, admitted and current students and to University departments. 
  2. Provide current non-immigrant students with ongoing orientation to the University and the U.S.
  3. Administer the University’s health insurance program for international students.
  4. Work with other University areas to insure that the special needs (namely academic and social needs) of non-immigrant students are met.
  5. Sponsor a broad range of on- and off-campus recreational, educational and cross-cultural programs and events for international and domestic students.