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The UDM Health Insurance Plan for International Students

As you may know, health care is very expensive in the United States and individuals who do not have health insurance may be required to pay thousands of dollars if they become seriously ill or are seriously injured. Because it can assume no responsibility for the health care costs of its students, the University requires that non-immigrant students registered at UDM purchase the University's health insurance plan for international students, beginning the first semester in which they enroll. You must also purchase health insurance for your dependents who are with you in the U.S.

Following are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the University's health insurance plan.  For a detailed description of the plan, please visit the insurance website here.

Do all international students have to purchase the insurance?

Most of them do, but there are a few exceptions:

What are the dates of coverage?

Your coverage period begins on the first day of the semester in which you enter the University (fall, August 20; winter, January 3; summer, May 1). Your coverage ends on the following August 20. When coverage ends, the ISO automatically renews the coverage of current students for a one-year period.

How will I pay for my insurance?

In most cases, the Student Accounting Office will add the amount of the premium to your university fees and will send you a bill. The fee for the insurance premium may not appear on the first bill that you receive. However, you can be assured that you are covered under the health insurance plan even though you may not yet have paid the insurance premium.

Payment for health insurance for your dependents in the U.S. is made directly to the insurance company by personal check. The International Services Office will help you with this process.

When will I receive my insurance card?

The insurance company will issue you a card within two to three weeks of the beginning of classes. The ISO will notify you to come in and pick up your card when it arrives.

What does the plan cover?

The plan pays for medical care when you are sick or injured. It does not pay for any routine physical examinations or preventive measures, treatment for pre-existing medical conditions (conditions, including pregnancy, which existed before insurance coverage began), or dental treatment. The plan pays 100% of costs up to certain limits and 80% of costs exceeding that limit when you receive treatment from a member of the Preferred Providers of Michigan (PPOM) network of health care providers; 60% of the costs for treatment received from non-PPOM members; and 80% of prescription costs.

What should I do if I need medical attention?

In a non-emergency situation, you must first visit the University Health Center. If the doctor or nurse determines that further treatment is needed, he or she will issue a referral form. This form refers you to an off-campus health care provider who is a member of Preferred Providers of Michigan (PPOM).

In an emergency situation, or if the Health Center is closed, go to any PPOM emergency facility. The nearest 24-hour urgent care facility is Providence Hospital's Express Care located at 16001 West Nine Mile Road in Southfield.

If you do not visit the Health Center or a PPOM facility first, but instead go directly to a non-PPOM doctor or hospital, you will have to pay the first $50.00 of your medical costs for each incidence of sickness or injury. (This is called a deductible.)

In addition, if you visit an off-campus doctor who is not a PPOM member, the UDM insurance policy will pay only 60% of your medical costs.

Do I need to contact the insurance company if I receive medical attention?

If you seek emergency treatment, are referred to an off-campus health care provider or purchase prescribed medicine, you will need to inform the insurance company about the treatment you received and how much it cost. This is called filing a claim. You must obtain a claim form (available from the Health Center or online), complete the form and send it with your referral form and any receipts or bills you have received to the insurance company.

Important: Referrals are valid only for the current policy year. After August 20, to avoid paying a deductible, you must get a new referral from the Health Center even if you are continuing to see a referred doctor or purchasing prescribed medicine for a continuing condition.

If you have questions regarding the University's insurance plan, please contact the International Student Advisor or call the servicing agency, CIR Student Health at 1-800-322-9901