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Working Under Other Statuses

Once you have found off-campus employment, you may find that your employer is willing to sponsor you for H-1B status, or even for adjustment to Permanent Resident status. If your employer intends to file a petition for you, you should be sure to consult the company's attorneys about the regulations and procedures involved so that you have a thorough understanding of your situation and can avoid any problems with your status that might arise.

Applying for TN Status (Canadian & Mexican Citizens Only)

Under the terms of the NAFTA trade agreement, Canadian and Mexican citizens (not landed immigrants) in certain professions are eligible to work in the U.S. in TN status. To see a list of qualifying professions, click here.  TN status is currently granted for a period of six months to one year and is renewable indefinitely.

Application for TN status is made at a U.S port of entry (including border points and international airports). The applicant must present:

  1. Proof of Canadian or Mexican citizenship
  2. A letter of offer from a prospective American employer, which includes a description of the position, the job title, the salary and benefits, and the anticipated length of stay
  3. Any diplomas, transcripts or professional licenses which show that the applicant meets the criteria to perform the occupation at a professional level

Applying for H-1B Status

This U.S. work visa status may generally be used for persons and categories not eligible for the TN visa status. For more information, click the H-1B link above and speak with your employer.