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2004-2005 Theatre Company Season!

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Oct. 7 – 24, 2004

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Valedictorian Brent Shamammi

UDM valedictorian and CIS graduate Brent Shamammi speaks at Commencement, May 8.

UDM’s 2004 valedictorian and CIS graduate Brent Shamammi certainly has great memories of late nights studying and having fun with friends at softball and football games, but his favorite memory of his time at the University is commencement, where he “had the opportunity to thank my family, especially my father, for all they have done, and to express what they mean to me. I have been dreaming of this honor for the past year, and it turned out to be everything I had imagined. It was the greatest day in my life thus far.”

Shamammi believes UDM’s mission-centered curriculum, diversity, faculty and ties with the city of Detroit set the University apart. “The curriculum at UDM develops the students beyond their majors and makes them better people. In addition, we have the opportunity to make strong friendships with all kinds of people, which allows us to see other perspectives. The Jesuits, the Sisters of Mercy, and other faculty members offer their wisdom with humility, which promotes kindness and compassion. And UDM’s community involvement is the culmination of such an excellent education—we have a long history of successful graduates giving back to the community.”

Shamammi plans to gain a few years of experience in his field before earning an MBA. His immediate agenda involves preparing for the GMAT, researching master degree programs, playing bass guitar with his jazz band Four Deep, and perhaps traveling. He plans on staying involved with the University as president of Alpha Iota Delta, the decision sciences honor society, and as developer of the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education web site. And he’ll returning to campus at least once because he notes, “I am very anxious to see the new and improved Commerce and Finance building when it opens.”

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