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Healthy Times - Fall 2005

CHP Partnerships
Nurse Anesthesiology Partnerships: A Growing Need

The primary goal of most CHP partnerships is to provide the clinical experience that students need to go along with classroom instruction. Those partnerships have grown in scope in recent years as the academic community responds to the national shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals.

A good example is the Nurse Anesthesiology degree program, where the number of nurse anesthesia candidates continues to increase. Eighteen hospitals in the metro Detroit area provide invaluable on-the-job education in a clinical setting with direct supervision by nurses and doctors.

Nurse Anesthesiology candidates are involved in 900 cases during 2,000 hours of clinical experience over the course of the 27-month degree program. They typically spend a month at each hospital.

“The advantage of rotating is to see how things are done differently. Students can pick and choose from the best practices,” says Associate Professor Michael Dosch, chair of the Nurse Anesthesiology program. “They also learn how to deal easily with change.”

The program has proven to be a valuable recruiting tool for the hospitals. About two-thirds of the graduates take jobs at one of the hospitals where they received their clinical education. The month-long rotation gives the hospital staff a good opportunity to get to know the students, while the variety of settings helps the students decide where they want to work.