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Healthy Times - Fall 2005

Alumni join CHP Alumni Council

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Several members of the Alumni Council have provided their perspective on the role of the Council and a CHP education:

Vandella Campbell '00
Senior Quality Information Consultant, Care Choices
Campbell joined the Alumni Council in 2003 as "an opportunity to make a difference in the College of Health Professions. We are always reaching for a higher goal and doing all we can to make life easier for all of our fellow alumni."

Gina Coccitti '04, '05
Staff Nurse, Favorite Nurses, Inc.
“Grad school at UDM was a uniquely gratifying experience. Participation on the Alumni Council provides me the opportunity to give back to the University as well as the community it serves.”

Nancy Ann Dillon '71
Education Supervisor, St. John Home Care
Dillon joined the Council in 1997 and currently serves as its chair.
"Over the years as we reviewed nominations for the CHP Alumni of the Year awards, I have been impressed by the truly great contributions on personal and professional levels that our alumni provide for local and global communities. I take great pride in belonging to such a wonderful group of alumni."

Six new members have joined the College of Health Professions Alumni Council this fall to help support the College in achieving its goals and objectives. The new members are:

In addition to its new members, the CHP Alumni Council includes:

Barbara Donahue, '65
Public Health Nursing Administrator, Oakland County Health Division
As a Council member since 1997, “I have appreciated the opportunity to interact with alumni in various health disciplines and to receive timely updates about programs.”

Bernadette Mary Frank, RSM, '56, '58
Nurse Volunteer, Mercy Place Clinic, Pontiac
The role of the Council is to “stimulate continued interest in the University/College and encourage graduates to contribute their knowledge, skills and support of the University/College during their life-long professional lives.”

Bettina Howie '01
Provider Representative, MCARE
“The most valuable aspect of my education at UDM was interacting with so many interesting people in various fields of health care. Since my health care experience is from the payer side, discussions with the people who represented the provider side of the equation always proved to be lively and worthwhile.”

Jon R. Lechner '91, '92
Practice Manager, Visiting Physicians Association
Lechner joined the Alumni Council in 2002.
“Serving on the Alumni Council allows me to share with current students and alumni the outstanding education and professional experiences/networking that began while I was a nursing student. Activities such as being a guest speaker during alumni week, hosting open house activities, etc., allow me to contribute something more valuable than money - the gift of time and the chance to mentor/be mentored.”

Cinde Rutkowski '72
Customer Care Analyst, Compuware
Although Rutkowski officially joined the CHP Alumni Council in 2004, she has long been involved in alumni activities at the College and University, serving on a number of alumni committees, including the UDM Alumni Association and Alumni Leadership Council. She was recognized for her contributions in 2005 with the Colleges' Allied Health Alumni of the Year Award.

Susan Synderburn '04
Physician Assistant, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialists, Novi.
“I believe the role on the Alumni Council is to enlighten the future graduates on the contributions they can make to their chosen professions. I think this can be accomplished by a mentor program. As a member of the Alumni Council, I would like to ensure this is a requirement for each new student accepted into a program.”

Sheila J. Thacker '03
Registered Nurse, Bon Secours Hospital
Thacker joined the Alumni Council in 2003.
“The CHP Alumni Council allows me an opportunity to mentor, nurture, associate and network with current and future colleagues in the health care profession.”