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There’s no place like Homecoming to volunteer

The following alumni, health care professionals and faculty currently serve on advisory councils for the College:

College of Health Professions Alumni Council
Linda Alexander
Marilyn Bachelor
Vandella Campbell
Gina Coccotti
Carol Dawson
Nancy Dillon (President)
Barbara Donahue
Sr. Bernadette Frank
Sheila Keefe
Nanette Kenyon
Jon Lechner
Jane Muscat
Mary Ann Rayrat
Cinde Rutkowski
Mike Sadlowski
Mary Ann Stella
Sheila Thacker
Jennifer Viggiano

CHP Advisory Board
Mike Degrow
Gerald Fitzgerald
Kathleen Holycross
Linda Hotchkiss
Hon. Conrad L Mallett, Jr.
Kenneth Matzick
Gwen MacKenzie
Roger J. Panella
Francine Parker
Kathleen Ryan
Nancy Schlichting
Michael Schwartz
Maurita Sengelaub, RSM
Kim Sibilski
Kim Sorget
Ruth Stanton
Cynthia Taueg,
Renee Turner-Bailey
Linda Werthman, RSM
Janice Whitehouse

McAuley School of Nursing Advisory Board
Susan Billings
Pat Burns
Nancy Burton
Connie Cronin
Jim Cotelingam
Nancy Dillon
Barbara Donahue
Barbara Hertzler
Sr. Mary Ellen Howard, RSM
Jeri Jackson
Julie MacDonald
Barbara Medvec
Pat Natale
Anne Rosewarne
Maria Strom
James White
Lorraine White
Janet Baiardi
Julia Stocker
Pamela Nelson
Sarah Halter
Bonnie Korn
Suzanne Mellon
Robi Thomas


There’s no place like Homecoming for graduates who want to reconnect with their alma mater. The College of Health Professions Alumni Council knows a way to make it an even more meaningful event: spend some time with students.

The Council is looking for alumni to visit CHP classes during Alumni Week Feb. 21 – Feb. 25, 2005. (Homecoming is Feb. 26.) Volunteers can lecture on a topic of their choice or one suggested by an instructor. They also have the option to just visit and talk about their work.

“This is the third year we’ve invited alumni to visit classes,” says Nancy Dillon, Alumni Council president. “It’s so important for students to feel a connection with people in the careers they’re preparing for. As an alumnus, you get a renewed energy talking to young people who are getting ready to enter your world.”

For more information or to volunteer, contact Dillon at nadmsn@aol.com, or Yvonne King, administrative assistant to the dean, at (313) 993-1208.

Make alumni connections
Can’t wait for Homecoming to catch up with your old classmates? Try connecting with them online by joining the UDM Alumni Online Community. It offers an online alumni directory, bulletin boards and more. Sign up at http://udmercy.edu/alumni/.

Council seeks candidates for alumni awards
The College of Health Professions Alumni Council is looking for nominees for the Alumni of the Year Awards. The awards are presented at the spring Honors Convocation to outstanding graduates from each of these programs: heath services administration/management, nurse anesthesia, nursing physician assistant and allied health.

“It’s important to recognize the work our graduates are doing out in the community. It promotes the values our education has infused in us,” says Nancy Dillon, Alumni Council president.

Nominations may be made by completing the online form on the Health Professions web site or by writing to Dillon at nadmsn@aol.com or in care of the College of Health Professions, 4001 W. McNichols, PO Box 19900, Detroit, MI 48219-0900. Nominations also may be faxed to (313) 993-1160.