How to Make a Gift to the University of Detroit Mercy

The Impact, Fall 2003


Generous contributions from alumni and friends of the University of Detroit Mercy support The Fund for UDM, strengthen the University’s outstanding scholarship program, renovate facilities, and enhance academic programming.

All gifts – regardless of their size – help ensure the continuing quality of a University of Detroit Mercy education. Your gift supports the project of your choice. A gift to The Fund for UDM provides the University with flexibility to use your contribution for high priority activities. If you want to restrict your gift to a specific college, school or program, please indicate your intent when you make your contribution.

More information about giving can be found on our University web site.

Father Albright Hall
A major renovation planned for the college is Father Albright Hall. We have raised approximately half of the money needed to complete this project; with support from alumni, we can reach our goal.

Gerard Albright, S.J., has been a professor of Biology at our University since 1960. He is a dedicated professor who demanded much from his students and challenged them to achieve their best. For many of you, he served as an advisor and counselor as you planned your futures. The College and the University would like to honor him appropriately for over 40 years of distinguished and selfless service.

Father Albright has truly lived out the Jesuit mission through scholarly teaching and careful advising of his students; their development and well-being has always been one of his top priorities. He has periodically chaired the Biology Department, serving a total of 15 years in that capacity. As he lived side-by-side with students in the dorms for more than 23 years, Father Albright has always been able to provide sound advice and perspective, selflessly sharing his time and insight.

In honor of all that Father Albright has done for his students, the College of Engineering & Science is planning the major renovation of the Life Science lecture hall. The name of this hall where Father has spent so much of his teaching career will soon be “Father Albright Hall.”

For more information on how to give to the Father Albright Hall project, contact Marc Melamed, director of Development, College of Engineering and Science, at 313-993-1510 or