More freshmen head to campus

The Impact, Fall 2003

Recently created scholarships for E&S students
Continental Tieves (two granted in 2004)
Mike de Irala
Ford Motor Company
Kenneth Kramer - SME
Jerome Neyer -NTH
Henry Nickol
Kevin Olmstead
Kirsten DeLong Phillips
Helen Scholl
Yazaki (two granted in 2004)

2003 valedictorians enroll in E&S
The following 2003 high school valedictorians are currently enrolled as freshman in the College of Engineering & Science:

Debra DeKay, pre-dentistry major from Port Huron Northern High School

Rosimar Rodriguez, mechanical engineering major from Western International High School

Linda Strommer, biology/pre-med major from St. Agatha High School, Redford

Laurel VandePutte, engineering major from Ortonville High School

Bryan Vos, pre-med major from Trenton High School


Responding to UDM’s marketing efforts and availability of scholarships, the number of freshmen in the College of Engineering & Science’s fall 2003 class is the second largest since 1990. The total of 135 freshman is up from 98 two years ago and was exceeded only by the 157 incoming freshmen in 1994.

Of the 135 freshmen, 56 will focus on Engineering, with the remainder targeting such areas as biology, biochemistry, computer science, math, pre-dentistry and pre-medicine.

“I attribute a lot of this growth to our new marketing efforts focusing on the message ‘We want great things for you,’” explains Michael Joseph, vice president of Enrollment and Student Affairs. “In a cooperative effort, Marketing and Public Affairs, Admissions and consultant Lipman Hearne of Chicago, developed a new marketing campaign. The ads and placements in high school newspapers hit the right tone with prospective students.”

Other marketing efforts, including a phone campaign by the Admissions Office, with the assistance of Dean Leo Hanifin and the faculty, were very effective.

Also contributing to the increase was the “healthy” scholarship program at UDM, which Joseph said helped not only the College of Engineering & Science but all programs at the University, which saw an overall 34 percent increase in the freshman class with 486 students. With funding from corporations, alumni and other sources, UDM hopes to continue the scope of scholarships available to help attract academic achievers.

“We were very pro-active in providing scholarship information to top-tier students early in the recruitment cycle,” Joseph adds. He cited that the average ACT score of the incoming freshman in Engineering & Science is more than a full point higher than the average two years ago.

“The increase in the numbers and the quality of incoming students provides a platform for moving forward,” he says. “We’d love to see 180 to 200 freshman in Engineering & Science. While looking at quantity, we obviously intend to keep our focus on quality.”

To learn more about establishing or contributing to UDM scholarship programs, contact Nancy Devine, executive director of Development, at 313-993-1250. To review UDM’s new advertising and recruitment materials, click here.