Varsity News is back in black and white

Highlighter & Laureate,
Fall 2003


The University’s long-standing student-run newspaper, The Varsity News (VN), has returned to ink this fall.

“The inaugural issue, October 13, is a reminder of a long and wonderful tradition,” says John Staudenmaier, S.J., interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Education. “I am proud to have the VN associated with the College.”

In recent years, the newspaper had experienced inconsistent publication, but the Communication Studies Department has taken the VN under its wing. Adjunct journalism Professor Craig Farrand serves as the faculty advisor. Farrand teaches news writing and feature writing courses and has more than 20 years of professional journalism experience. Adjunct design and layout Professor Arthur Lee and adjunct photography Professor Rita Tinetti ’02, are also involved in production. Second-year CST major Amanda Bley serves as the student editor.

Currently, an editorial board has been established that comprises of students, faculty/staff, alumni and journalism professionals. This board will develop news and advertising policies and address ongoing editorial policy decisions. The newspaper’s office is on the ground floor of the Student Center.

Below are the new editorial board members:

Amanda Bley, Managing Editor, VN (student)
Vivian Dicks, Professor, CST (Dept whciar when VN first came to CST)
Scott Held '95, Editor, Heritage Press
Michael Houdyshill, Director Student Life
Clint Hirst, Professor, English
Lenore Johnson, Feture Editor, VN (student)
Maureen McDonald, Adjunct Professor, CST Media Ethics and free-lance writer for Free Press, Detroit News and other local publications
Charles Pugh, Newscaster Fox 2
Monica Thom, Associate Editor, VN (student)
Rita Tinetti '02, Adjunct Professor, CST Photography
Dan Shine, Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press (will be adjunct teacher of CST New Writing in Fall 2004).