Jacques Boettcher: 50 years of excellence

The Current, Fall 2003

Photo: Dean Bahman Mirshab and Jaques Boettcher


Jacques Boettcher ’51, ’72, associate professor of Business, will enter his 50th year of teaching in 2004. A recognition ceremony was held at the beginning of the school year to commemorate Boettcher’s commitment to the University and the College.

Says Dean Bahman Mirshab, “Jack has always been there when we needed him; his loyalty is demonstrated by his 50 years of service. He always pursues excellence and expects the same from his students. I am proud to say he has always been a mentor to me. His wealth of experience is an immense help. We hope he will be here for many years to come.”

Boettcher teaches law and real estate finance. His area of expertise is foreign trade law, specifically the comparative law of the Pacific Rim countries, especially China and Japan. He is also concerned with the legal and financial perils for American companies investing in emerging third world areas.

A practicing attorney and member of the State Bar of Michigan, Boettcher earned his Ph.B., M.A. and J.D. from the University of Detroit.