Alumni Board restructures for more involvement

The Current, Fall 2003



The College’s Alumni Board has always participated in College activities, notably Alumni Week, but now its members want to expand their support. To this end, the Board recently restructured into four committees — Alumni Week, Recruitment, Student Liaison, Executive Committee — to facilitate College objectives. A member of the executive committee leads each of the other committees.

Says William Patrick Young ’90, president of the CBA Alumni Board, “The Student Liaison Committee is a new committee this year and is working diligently to assess the needs of CBA students and develop ways to help meet those needs. We are definitely looking forward to more interaction with students. ”

Members of the Recruitment Committee will be assisting the dean in promoting CBA programs, particularly the MBA program, and they hope to volunteer at area high schools to get the word out to prospective students.

Young adds that he is looking forward to seeing all CBA alumni at this year’s Alumni Week to be held March 22-26, 2004. “It will be the best yet—until next year,” says Young. “We are building on a good four-year tradition. We also have good continuity with the past Alumni Board President Joe Berkowski ’73, heading it up.”

If you are interested in participating on any of the these boards, please e-mail

The Alumni Board is structured as follows:

Executive Committee
Joe Berkowski '73
Bahman Mirshab ’75
Ann Morgan ’99
Teresa Soave ’96, ’98
Wiliam Patrick Young ’90

Alumni Week Committee
Joe Berkowski ’73
Jim Kirby ’92
Phil Kapanowski ’85
David Fitch ’79, ’83
Doug Kaczmarski ’87
Stan Dobby ’78, ’81
Dan Assenmacher ’00
Jonathan Sanders '02

Recruitment Committee
Ann Morgan ’99
Mike McBride ’99
Kevin White ’91, ’93
Ramona Pearson ’98
Jennifer Schneider ’94, ’96
Jim Kirby ’92
Thomas Kenny ’89, ‘95
Jonathan Sanders ’02
Constance Tatum ’91, ’95
Alicia Roberts ’01

Student Liaison Committee
Dan Assenmacher '00
Teresa Soave ’96, ’98
Ken Faber ’62
Pius Oleh ’96
Karen Van Antwerp ’90, ’96
Jonathan Sanders ’02
Jennifer Schneider '94 '96 '00

Members at large
Domenic Mammarella ’00
Keith Rohland ’01