Phase Two Renovation drawing to a Close

The Nautilus, Winter 2002

The dust is beginning to settle at the Warren Loranger Architecture building as the current phase of reconstruction comes to an end. The Genevieve Fisk Loranger Architecture Center, expected to be completed by December 1, includes an informal critique space, a formal critique space, a student lounge, and the exhibition space. The project was funded by a gift from Warren Loranger (51).

The exhibition hall will include state-of-the-art lighting and digital projecting capabilities. Stack seating for 170 people will allow the exhibit space to be used not only for exhibitions but also for lectures and large gatherings. The 2003 GLFEA lecture series will be held in this space.

Warren Loranger has agreed to fund the completion of the remainder of the first floor, which will include moving the Design Center to the former southeast studio space, moving the administrative offices to the Design Center space, building two new restrooms, a seminar space and a computer-based research laboratory. A gift from Adjunct Professor Aldo Colandrea (E&S 75, GR 81), with matching funds from DTE, will equip the research laboratory.